Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Exactly Are We Having An Election?

Roy Green on his show yesterday discussed exactly that with Ipsos Reid pollster John Wright,Kelly MacParland and Matt Gurney both from the National Post.  It was a good discussion. They agree Conservatives have the advantage and couldn't understand why the Liberals would force this thing upon us.. They all agreed it would be best for the Liberal party if the Conservatives got a majority so they can rebuild from the ground up but they don't see anyone right now who could take up the mantle after Michael Ignatieff is gone.

They agreed nothing in this election so far has been inspiring so why are we having it?  A really great discussion go have a listen at about the 9:50 mark.Sunday April10 @12:00pm


  1. We are having this election because the Libs & Dippers beleive they can hold the Conservatives to another minority, thus enabling them to overthrow the duly elected government and installing a coalition gov. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

  2. Have you seen the news today. That is why we are having an election. Brown paper bags, leaked documents, all timed to propel the Lieberals into government. The timing is just too perfect to be a coincidence.

  3. IMHO this election was forced on us so the PM could not attend the Royal Wedding, and thus embarrass Canada. Hey, that is a good a reason as any. Is the Royal Visit still on, or will duceppe force his coalition partners to cancel that also.

  4. The PM should answer any questions re this so called draft report, If you were so interested in said report, why did you defeat the govt a week before it was due to be tabled. Now you have to wait till after May 2nd, and the recall of the HofC.
    Somebody in the public service should be fired, but Greg Weston did warn us that brown envelopes will be flowing to the press.

  5. Somebody in the public service should be fired, but Greg Weston did warn us that brown envelopes will be flowing to the press.

    Someone's head should roll!! Why have the media been sitting on the draft report for months?

  6. I think the Liberals forced the election because of the upcoming provincial elections in Ontario, BC and down the line Quebec where they are expected to lose. If they lose all 3 provinces and fail to retake the Federal government they will be shut out of the public trough to which they are used to gorging.

    It is called desperation.

    Best Regards,

  7. Hey, I mentioned this to Rightchik so I'll say it here too...

    The Liberals want to steal more of our money. They also want their entitlements. That's why they've triggered four elections in seven years. They REFUSE to acknowledge the fact they ain't pulling the strings anymore. After all, they still think it's their divine right to rule us little peons.


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