Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jack,Who Do You Think You Are?

Jack I don't think realizes he and his NDP have less clout now that there is a majority government than they did when there was a minority.   With his rhetoric he thinks just because his party has official opposition status now he has more power to wield around. He's warning PM Harper, he's going to take him on! .
Jack Layton is warning Prime Minister Stephen Harper not to ignore the New Democrats.
“Yes, he won a majority. But he is facing the largest, most united opposition in 31 years,” the federal NDP Leader told 2,500 delegates attending a convention of the Canadian Labour Congress on Wednesday.
It was Mr. Layton's first major speech since his party vaulted over the Liberals to become the Official Opposition after last week's federal election. New Democrats won 103 seats.
Mr. Layton accused Mr. Harper of ignoring a “brewing storm” of problems in pensions, casting himself as an ally with the provinces in strengthening the Canada and Quebec pension plans.
“It's the kind of practical approach that the New Democrat opposition will bring to the house each and every day,” he said in the brisk speech.
“Stephen Harper is in power. We are going to take him on.”
Hello,Jack, Conservatives have 167 seats, you have 102. Even though you'll be allowed to have your say, Stephen Harper doesn't have to give you the time of day.  
 Jack, that's what got Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals into trouble. Remember "Your time is up," and "If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I'm done."

Jack maybe you should come back down to earth.


  1. Uhhhh Jack? The Liberals had 103 seats after the 2006 election. One might say that at the least Mr. Harper is facing the an Opposition which is TIED for the largest most unified... and he's doing so from a position of strength. Sorry to burst your bubble.


  2. Jack refused to support the budget which had stuff for people and this is what he pulls.
    Half of Jack's caucus or most of it consists of bloc mps and Quebec mps, which tells me he is like Duceppe in disquise finishing Duceppe's job for Quebecers. The ROC, well, tough luck for them.

  3. O/T, frmgrl, I found this. take your time to read every word. Tears will come to you.

    PROPHECY about Canada at the end times- quotes from the BIBLE and so on about the PM and conservative party.

    Further down the page you will come across


    By Jonah Mozeson, April 8, 2011 Features - Winnipeg Jewish Review.

    [Editor's note: Jonah Mozeson is studying law at the University of Manitoba. He previously worked for the Government of Canada for four years.]

    'Under Stephen Harper, the Canada-Israel relationship has grown to heights never seen before. Whether it is in the economic and trade sphere, or defense and intelligence cooperation, the bilateral relationship is strong and growing even closer. Hardly a month.......'

  4. Jen,I just read the link you sent me. I was so touched. I too am so proud of our PM that he stands so strong with Israel and the Jewish people. We are truly one of the only countries left that are Israel's friends.

    Thank you so much for sending me that!

  5. Jack and his minion were threatening even the night of the election. They are insane.. BUT it is up to us to keep the pressure on Harper to follow through with his promises...thus gaining credibility ...thus strengthening base...thus winning next election

  6. You are welcome frmgrl, . Now we see why canada is BLESSED with a good economy and PM, because of his support for ISRAEL.
    To read such positive news on canada and her prosperity due to PM staunched support for ISRAEL is overwhelming.

  7. Jacko's not the brightest bulb in the box, plain and simple. He really doesn't get it does he...

  8. Jack Layton leading an opposition with his NDPQ party. Quebecers have a huge shock coming during the next 4 yrs. Almost a big a shock as libs got May 2nd.

  9. O/T, frmgrl, read and enjoy.

    Our neighbors to the right

    U.S. Republicans can learn a thing or two from Canadian Conservatives

    By Reihan Salam Friday, May 6, 2011

    Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a world in which there was no housing bubble, the global financial crisis barely caused a ripple, the federal deficit was small and shrinking fast, job and wage growth were picking up speed, the trillion-dollar wars of the last decade had never happened, and a massive energy boom was minting millionaires. As it happens, this isn’t an idle fantasy. It is an only slightly embroidered description of Canada, our neighbor to the north. Canada’s robust economy is the big reason the country’s voters gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives a bigger-than-expected majority in this week’s parliamentary elections.

    Read on:


    American Republicans urged to look north at Stephen Harper campaign for inspiration
    By Andy Radia | Canada Politics – Wed, 11 May, 2011

    ‘While the Republican Party in the United States gears up for the 2012 presidential election, many in the media are encouraging the GOP to look north for inspiration.’

    Read on:

  10. Stephen Harper doesn't have to give you the time of day.

    True, but I don't see the PM abandoning the opposition in discussions. Mind you, there were bills which PM tried to bring in but were voted down by the opposition.... will now give him the upper hand to carry out his wish.

  11. Jack has one hell of a nerve threatening the PM to do as he is told or else.

    A note to Jack Layton. "you voted down budgets without reading it first that had stuff for seniors, students and provinces."

  12. O/T,
    From Joel Rosenbery, an israeli who is very knowledgeable of the BIBLE speaks highly of PM Harper:
    Note: frmgrl scroll down the page until you comes this:
    Posted: May 5, 2011 by joelcrosenberg in Uncategorized

    Jerusalem, Israel) — First things first: I want to congratulate Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper — an evangelical Christian and a strong friend of Israel — and his conservative party for winning a big election this week. Harper, in my view, is actually the most pro-Israel national leader on the planet.

    Read more:


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