Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WTO Analyist Who Compared Harper to Hitler and Mossulini, Part of Liberal Kyoto Cabal

In an unpdate on his latest blog post David Akin exposes the WTO analyst who says PM Stephen Harper is in the same camp as Hitler and Mussolini "wrecking club" for pulling out of Kyoto.  He worked as an advisor to former Liberal Minister Jim Peterson and was a part of the the whole cabal who signed us on to Kyoto.
UPDATE: For what it’s worth, the author of these comments is a fellow named John Hancock, a former advisor to Liberal International Trade Minister Jim Peterson. So he was part of the gang, then, that signed on to Kyoto but then did nothing at all to implement the protocol, despite the fact that Chretien and Martin governments ran up huge budgetary surpluses and could have easily afforded a whole lot of Kyoto programming.
Coming from a Liberal, I'm not surprised.  That's what they're like.

Thank you David Akin for connecting the dots and exposing the truth!


  1. To all those idiots using the name Hitler etc have any idea of what those people did, how many they killed, the experimentation on humans, eugenics, and many more atrocities.
    And of course the concentration camps and gas ovens. How many they killed and murdered. Perhaps they should read some history and get out of the bozone layer Dave R is talking about.

  2. not only that hitler came from the left not the rite he used more socialst values not capitalism values. shouldnt compare anyone on the rite as hitler.

  3. The same old, the same old. Anyone with whom these nutters disagree can could on being called Hitler, racist, homophobe et cetera. The result is that when I hear these labels hurled at anyone from the Left, I know it is actually a big plus.

  4. Hitler killed his own kind as well.

    frmgrl, and others here, please listen to these tapes on the environment by David R. No doubt that you will enjoy the beginning of his show at 9am. It is the tone he uses on Ibbitson. he was good. enjoy.

    Here is the complete outline of yesterday's show then go to the audio vault located onthe left side:

    Tuesday on The Rutherford Show


    9:00 Has the Canadian government imposed a death sentence on the world?

    9:30 Did anything useful come out of the Durban climate conference?

    10:00 Canada officially pulls out of the Kyoto Protocol.

    10:30 Why an anti-oilsands report got funding from the British government.

    11:00 Open Line

    We also echo David R. " we are not ashamed"

  5. These environuts can not bully the Harper Government;
    and it has really really gotten them mad.
    Too bad for them.

  6. please listen to these tapes on the environment by David R.

    Thanks,Jen. I heard that segment live yesterday. Dave was GOOD! I agree,I would also recommend that those who haven't should go have a listen.

  7. frmgrl, David no scare chicken he tells it as he sees it.

    The very essence that keeps our nation running, is the very essence she lives off yet wants to destroy -the oilsands. and so does Quebec.

    I wouldn't be surprised that there are people in the HOC work for the American enviro to get rid of our economy.

  8. Anyone who compares any of our current Canadian politicians to Hitler is either woefully ignorant of history,or embarrassingly immature and incapable of articulating his criticisms.

    Persons in the political forum should go to Youtube and look at the videos of Nigel Farrage and a few other Brit politicians for a lesson in how to make your point,insult your opponent,and NOT bring up the "Hitler" charge.

    It'll make them appear WAY more "grownup".


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