Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hmmm.....Maybe We SHOULD Have That Debate

CPC MP Stephen Woodworth said a few days ago that MPs have a duty to debate the rights of the unborn.

Maybe that debate should occur in light of an editorial that came out of the Canadian Medical Journal that urges doctors to conceal the gender of the baby until 30 weeks because of sex-selection abortions of girls by Asian immigrants.

Abortion of either sex is unacceptable. Whether that unborn child is a boy or a girl is irrelevant, that child is still a human being. Killing your unborn baby just because that little one is not the gender you want is just plain wrong. 

I think Stephen Woodworth is right. Time to find some cajones and have that debate.  The abortion issue is a scacred cow that no one wants to touch.. Time to end it.

A recent poll released by Life Canada revealed that 72% of Canadians want some protection for the unborn.  So why not at least a discussion? .We should be able to freely and intelligently discuss an issue like this no matter what your views are in  a free country like Canada without the fear of being cruxified.

MPs and Senators no matter what political stripe should not to be squeamish  about talking about such an important issue.Abortion SHOULD NOT  be a partisan issue. I believe no matter what the political persuasion,there are pro-lifers on all sides. Who cares what the media thinks?  They have their own agenda. Anyway I believe there are some in the media too that are pro-life.  Don't be afraid to come out of the closet.

After all, someone has to speak out for those most vulnerable who can't speak for themselves! 


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  1. I agree with Stephen Woodworth that we do need to have the discussion about the human rights of pre-born children.

    Science is careening ahead and we Canadians are left in the dust just because this subject makes us uncomfortable. But doing the right thing sometimes involves courage.

  2. O/T,

    Take a look and listen to their comments particularly the female reporter on the topic :

    The Media: Friend or Foe?
    January 17, 2012 5:15 PM | Comments1Recommend5
    By The Insiders


    How many times have the libs lied to them which they can't bring themselves to admit? Are they still buddy buddy with the liberals or foe?


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