Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Will 2012 Bring On the Canadian Political Scene?

Well we are now well into a new year.  2012 seems to have come upon us so quickly. It seems like yesterday it was just Jan. 2011 and we were in a minority government situation. Oh well!  Time flies I guess when you're having fun.  By the way, Happy New Year everyone!

 2011 was good for Conservatives,good for NDP until Jack Layton passed away and not so good for the Libs and the Media Party.  

So what will the new year bring us?   Here's my take.
It should all go well if PM Harper and his strong stable majority government keep doing what they're doing, fulfilling their promises.
They promised to pass the budget that the opposition refused to support last year in early spring-Done
They promised to give marketing freedom to western farmers- Done
They promised to pass their tough on crime bill-Done
They promised to scrap the long gun registry-almost Done
They promised to get rid of political welfare-Done
And something they didn't campaign on but was introduced as a private members bill and that is to scrap Section 13 of the Human Rights Act that is about hate speech.-will be toast
Getting out of Kyoto-Done
Immigration reform-getting it done
All this and not even a year into their four year majority mandate.
 The opposition and the media are reeling about the government is actually keeping their promises. Heaven forbid! Let them stew in their own juices,looks good on them.

This is what they should do this year.  Lower taxes, cut spending and reduce the size of government, scrap the Indian Act and my goodness sake, privatize the CBC.

Mean time it will fun watching the opposition parties.   The NDP will find a new leader, leaving the party fractured.  The orange crush gradually will keep fizzling out. 

The Libs on the other hand will continue to have a tough time finding relevance.  Nobody is listening to them anymore except the Media Party.

The Media Party will continue to campaign against Conservatives while at the same time losing their relevance.

 2012 should be good! It will be an interesting year to say the least.


  1. By the time the next election rolls around the media party will have turned off so many Canadians I predict a huge majority for PMSH, might even be bigger than Brians.

  2. I agree frmgrl! We are really moving along!
    The Media Party is inconsolable.
    The NDPQ is trying to turn their "Victory" in Quebec, which was a one off protest/strategic vote by the wily Quebecers into a career, good luck with that.
    Putting the English challenged Turmil front and center, I guess Jack hoped to come back and didn't want competion.
    Of course we come to third row Bob the media party treat his every utterence as wisdom, Canadians know better.
    I think folks are sick of the scandal a day electioneering and want PM Harper to get on with the job.
    Hence the Strong Majority, we must keep building on our success by keeping in touch with our base.
    2012 is going to be good!
    Cheers Bubba

  3. By the time the next election rolls around the media party will have turned off so many Canadians I predict a huge majority for PMSH, might even be bigger than Brians.

    I couldn't agree more,maryT. Can't see it any other way.

  4. And considering that Rae is saying that as PM he would dismantle most if not all the things PMSH has done, it will make our next majority stronger.
    Who wants the cwb, gun registry, etc back again.
    Canada won’t be blue forever, Rae says. NNW

  5. Last night I watched 'Tout le monde en parle' for the first time... interesting, although I had a bit of difficulty with the Quebecois accent. A comedien who lost to the NDP said something interesting. He said the best thing for separatists is a majority Conservative gov't. I hope he is proven wrong.

    Another observation: Gilles Duceppe seems to be over his 'funk' at losing the election. He said many times that we must accept the reality of the situation.

    Third observation: The NDP girl who spent part of the election in Las Vegas and had never visited her riding before her election, speaks and understands French well. She said she does all her work in French now.

    Just thought you may find these observations interesting.

  6. Isn,t it great to know that anything that is good for Canada can now become law within months.The (in my own words)dis-loyal opposition cannot stop anything,nadda,nothing,rien.Since the Conservatives became the Government with their first minority 2006,all opposition parties have voted against every bill that came in front of parliament for passage.Sure some passed,like budgets and money bills that helped the opposition riding,s,but in the history of Canada we have never seen the hatred for a Government that is doing such a good job.This is unheard of in a democracy.After the Conservatives were elected with a larger majority,these fools kept trying to topple the Government.Now that the Conservatives have majority they are still doing their idiotic daily routines in parliament trying to embarrass PM Harper or any member of the Government.Was this why they were elected,to become clowns?????They embarrass the people of Canada,by going to other countries and bad mouthing Canada and it,s policies.And these jerks are being paid with our tax dollars.I would say that each of the opposition parties had better come up with some policies of their own before they open their foul mouths again and spout off about Canada,s Government.Or maybe get fired ,sued,or maybe even spend some good old time behind bars for accepting pay for services never rendered.

  7. Just thought you may find these observations interesting.

    Yes,interesting indeed.

  8. Libertarian though I may be, I disagree on one point - lower taxes. It's time to pay off the debts of the previous 2 generations. I'm good with taxes being lower than the OECD average, we just need to create enough surpluses to pay off the debt over a moderate amount of time (say 25 years) and get it off the backs of the future.

  9. I think it will be less fun to watch the opposition parties than it will be to watch the media party.

    Andrew Coyne has jumped from Macleans to the National Post and is now attempting to rehab his image after his puppet strings were exposed by his Liberal endorsement.

    Watching Mansbridge on the At Issue panel a few days ago let loose a few barbs at the third party was amusing.

    The Sun News Network was only a few weeks old during the last vote. And I still have yet to see universal availability across Canada.

    The media is the trenches now, as the next election will be another second place battle between the Liberals and the NDP.

  10. I hope and pray that it will be Dannielle Smith. That Alison has already sold her soul to the unions and envirnuts to which point she dances to every tune of their. She has yet to stand up for Alberta as Ralph Klein did vigorously.
    Thank God that we have David R. to highlight Alison's madness.
    Election time can't come soon enough. She is NOT a full fledged albertan at heart. Therefore she should be turf thrown out.


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