Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friends of CBC on the CBC Payroll

Did you know that three members of Friends of CBC are on the CBC payroll?  Yup! That's what Canadian Taxpayers Federation found out  through Access to Information.
Amongst the many Access to Information (ATI) enquiries we make each year was this tidbit relating to the CBC. Our National Research Director, Derek Fildebrandt got to thinking about the leadership of the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, the group that advocates for more funding for the CBC. “What if these people are actually on the CBC’s payroll?” thought Derek.
If it were true, it would go a long way to explaining their passion for public broadcasting. And it would be very, very funny.
We finally got our answer, after a long wait. As it turns out, the situation is actually pretty funny. ATI documents show that three members of the ‘Friends’ Steering Committee actually were on the CBC payroll.
Aritha van Herk was paid to write poems and was paid $6,322. David Tars was paid to be a “reader” and was paid $277, while Stephen Kimber was paid $675 as a “freelance[r].”
These are quite small sums of money – especially in the latter two cases – however this is by no means the whole picture.  Some of the individuals refused to disclose their financial arrangements with the CBC, resulting in about 85 pages of the ATI documents being blanked out.
Those refusing to disclose their financial dealings with the CBC include the ‘Friends’ spokesperson Ian Morrison, Chairperson Noreen Golfman and members Anna-Marie Dekker, Maggie Siggins and R.H. Thomson. Somewhere in the 85 blanked out pages, at least one of these names is sure to be found.
It sort of makes you think – if your goal is to demonstrate public support for the CBC, wouldn’t you put members of the public on your board, rather than CBC contractors?
What do you think of that? More and more everyday CBC is proving unworthy of taxpayers money.  I say how about we stop subsidizing the State Broadcaster.  That way they can spend their money anyway they want just not with my money.


  1. When you have to pay someone to be your friend, isn't that kinda like that 'oldest profession' thingy?

  2. anything that can be done to encourage defunding the CBC gigantic fraud on us taxpayers, is welcome - thank you

  3. Oh gawd. What a web they weave, eh.

    Yah, how about a tick box on my tax return,
    giving me the option
    I dont want to pay for porn stars from France on CBC online for Quebec. They can buy porn with their own money, not mine.

  4. I don't care what CBC shows,porn,NASCAR,NHL,LMOTP as a substitute for a situation comedy,as long as they are self supporting.

    "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is not affiliated with any broadcaster or political party." From Wikipedia.

    Question of the day has to be;why is Minister Moore defending the CBC against SUN-TV?

    1. Question of the day has to be;why is Minister Moore defending the CBC against SUN-TV?

      That's a very good question. I am extremely disappointed in Moore. He should be relegated to the back benches asap. We need to let the PM know and demand he lose his job as a Minister.


    As a result our of left-plunging PM sucking-up to radical feminizes, they liquidate a 100,000 unborn persons a year in Harper's Canada where human life is considered valueless, where there are absolutely no laws pursuant to butchering innocent children, and where we deny incapacitated, unborn persons’ their human rights.

    When is this self-labelled “civilized” society going to stop slaughtering innocent, pre-born persons just to please radical “feminizes” who want to have their fulfilment but who butcher their unborn persons rather than accept the responsibilities of parenthood? And we must not discount the Nazi-like, callous inhuman practice of post-birth “abortions” during which newborns mercilessly have their spinal cords cut using scissors prior to disposal.

    Rather than continuing to be out of step with the rest of the world and his own grass roots, Harper must dismiss the extremist in the pro-slaughter, feminize women organizations, and legislate against this primitive, prehistoric, inhuman, sadistic extermination of our innocent, gullible per-born persons. He would begin by preventing the most aggrieves, merciless and cold-blooded practices known as partial-birth-abortion during which live babies are removed from the womb and stabbed so that their brains can be sucked out.


  6. Minister Moore is only doing what his boss Harper tells him to.

    1. then email the Boss and tell him what you think, everyone.

    2. Exactly,we should all email the PM and voice what we think. When you look at other places in the world,the people don't have that privilege. In a blessed country like ours we have that right and privilege to be able to contact our elected officials with our grievances so let's exercise it.

  7. Well what do you know.
    Not only are they distributing porn, but they have their own sponsorship program going as well.
    At what point does someone in parliament call it out for what it is, corruption.


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