Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Faux Scandal Bites the Dust

 The Libs, Dippers and the media party are always trying to smear  PM Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. Always looking the juicy adscam type scandal to bring them down .Every time it always blows up in their faces. Every day all of them lose credibility.  You'd think they would learn by now. Oh well, I guess their hate for the Conservatives blinds them.   Here's an example of the lastest.
OTTAWA — Offshore bank statements in the name of Associate Defence Minister Julian Fantino are not authentic and the conflict of interest commissioner has informed Fantino she is dropping her investigation.
BTW, whatever happened to Pierre Poutine?


  1. where is poutine? ask the media, I am positive they know who and where he is but as predictable they are and their 'code of silence.' is so deafening that we know that they know where poutine is

    The media are SO SO PREDICTABLE.

    for example:
    the liberals took forty million dollars we all know that but the media is not talking which tells that they have talked loud and clear.

    1. Actually it would not surprise me one bit if poutine was one of the Media party.

  2. It appears Fantino is calling the RCMP in to investigate,good.
    The attempts to subvert democracy in Canada since the Conservatives won a majority are unbelievable in a so-called civilized society.

    The Left have shown repeatedly that they care nothing for democracy,and will do anything short of an armed revolution,for which none of them has the "guts", to regain power.

    I have more respect for the Vietcong,or the Taliban,who at least have the courage to physically fight for what they believe in.

    The Canadian Left act like the cowardly liars they are deep down inside, coyotes raiding a henhouse in the dark of night.

  3. frmgrl, at today's segment at 35:59 mark listen to david discussion on Quebec, their resources our oilsands and their need to only use our resource instead of their since they want to continue because if they use theirs they will have to contribute to equalization which they do not want to.

    1. Yeah,I heard that too this morning. Quebec just needs to get their act together and start developing their resources. Then maybe they don't have to take our resource money. Then again it's easier to be lazy and do nothing and keep taking rather than looking after themselves.

    2. it's easier to be lazy and do nothing and keep taking rather than looking after themselves.



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