Thursday, June 7, 2012

Would You Eat This?

While Nanny Redford and her cronies live high off the hog with our money, our seniors in facilities around the province are being subjected to eating crap like this:

Would you eat this?  Would Redford or any of her minions eat this?  I highly doubt. So why do our seniors have to?  This is down right criminal!  I wouldn't feed crap like that to my dog never mind feeding it to a human. Our seniors deserve much better. Some of that taxpayer money that MLAs pay themselves should go to serving healthy nutritious meals to our seniors. Our seniors have worked  hard contributing to the province.This is how they're treated? Shameful!  Call your MLA today and demand our seniors be served real food.  That's the least we can do. It's disgraceful what's going on in our seniors care facilities.

BTW, can anyone tell me what this crap is?

Update: This tweet from Danielle Smith
It is supposed to be pork souvlaki. Our seniors critic sent the picture to me. More here:
 “Dog Food”
Nursing staff at the Claresholm facilities say the heat-and-serve diet has been a disaster for the residents.

Susan Slade, chair of Local 041 (ANC) and a Claresholm resident, said the food situation has become “a major problem” between staff and management and a cancer on morale.
“They told me that one resident referred to it as ‘dog food’” Slade said.
Staff are telling her they’re convinced that because so many are not eating properly, they’re getting sick more often and staying sick longer. While they don’t have any concrete data, the staff is certain that they’re seeing more cases like urinary tract infections, while wounds seem to take longer to heal.
“They might be saving money in the kitchen, but the staff figure it’s costing more for medications and antibiotics,” Slade said.
 Watch this video, it's an eye opener.


  1. I'm trying to figure out why it is the job of the government to feed seniors period let alone give them beef tenderloin. This is pandering to the senior vote if you ask me.

    1. This is about what seniors residing seniors care facilities are being served not seniors living on their own or how ever else. Those residing in those care facilities I feel we have an obligation to make sure they have a decent nutritious diet.

    2. In BC, our wonderful government has deemed that seniors in care are required to pay 80% of their income for their care. If this is what they are being fed for that price, there is a serious issue with what the funds are actually being utilized on.

  2. Considering what they pay to live there they deserve decent meals.
    Mary T


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