Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kudo's To Premier Redford


 First of all many of you know I'm not a fan of Alison Redford or her PC government.  I've criticized her in the past and I feel deservedly so but this time I will cautiously praise her for standing up to BC Premier Christy Clark for trying to shakedown Alberta for resource royalties in exchange for supporting the Northern Gateway pipeline. 
BC wants a share of oil royalties in exchange for allowing the pipeline, but Redford says that won't happen.
"We will not share royalties, and I've seen nothing else proposed, and would not be prepared to consider anything else at this time," she said. "I've taken the approach that there are many ways that British Columbia will benefit from this pipeline."
Good for Redford! She deserves kudos this time. I just hope and pray she sticks to her guns and does not cave.  She probably won't because what Christy Clark is doing is actually unconstitutional.


  1. Look at the other side - BCs natural gas that has crossed the Alberta border for points east has not paid any revenue to them. Will BC now pay the back-monies to Alberta for the past 30 years or so that they have forwarded to all points east"
    One of the points made by Ms. Clark, was that bituminous is much harder to clean up should a spill occur.
    This is a moot point in my estimation and is lacking in substance.
    Christy Clark will be gone before or after the next election in BC.
    Anyone want to put money on it?

    1. Clark is making noise because of her shitty standing in the polls right now. If anything, she is just posturing for the sake of negotiations and the electorate.

      Cummins' idea about putting the whole thing under the New West Initiative is a pretty sensible plan. By the time Adrian Dix is done screwing our economy into the ground, maybe we'll have collectively smartened up and give John Cummins a shot.

  2. Credit where it's due. It isn't due here.

  3. Will BC now pay the back-monies to Alberta for the past 30 years or so that they have forwarded to all points east"

    Good point.

  4. You've been fooled. Redford and Christy came up with this plan together as a way to kill the pipeline without taking any heat for it. It worked on you so it will probably work on a lot of people.

  5. Yah, REDford defends Chichita Banana and attacks Christy Clark. What a .bleep.
    Kudos for realizing where her priorities should be,
    thumb down for taking the bait and making Albertans look like rich bullies.
    She should have grinned and told Clark to talk to PMSH about wealth redistribution between provinces... equalization

    I am against 'forcing' BCers to taking a pipeline via law.
    Find another route, ship it elsewhere, whatever.
    But it seems Clarks enviro issues can be met with money.
    What a shame or sham.

    The BC coastline is another story,
    it is owned by Canadians, and ours to use. period. case closed in 1969 by the Supremes.

  6. I too am not a big Redford fan, but I think she is intelligent enough to know that how she responds to the attempted extortion will determine her future as well as that of the PCs.
    Powell Lucas
    Sorry for reponding as anonymous but I'm tired of changing my Google password every month. As for the others, they want you to join up and be part of their big family. Sorry, I only have one family and they don't send me newletters and solicitations to buy junk every day.


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