Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Ann Romney,the Secret Weapon?


 I  tuned in last night and listened to the GOP convention speeches.  The one I was most impressed with was Mitt Romney's wife Ann.  Beautiful,smart and articulate.

  Ann Romney could be Mitt's and the GOP's secret weapon. 
 TAMPA, FL -- If the knock against Mitt Romney is that he's too rich and rigid, then his wife is perhaps the Republican's best weapon to change peoples' minds.

Kinda reminds me of Laureen Harper our secret weapon and like Ann Romney, beautiful,smart and articulate.

If Mitt Romney is propelled into the White House, he will have his wife to thank! It will be because of her.  I believe. Besides I'm sure she will remind him to keep his promise and approve the Keystone XL pipeline, something that's important for the  both US and Canada.

If you missed it, watch Ann Romney's speech below.


  1. Mitt overcame incredible entitlement to rise to this position!!!

  2. could not help but be impressed with her eloquence - certainly on a par with Michelle Obama, and a sure asset in the upcoming brawl - one hopes the Romneys will prevail, for their country, and for ours

  3. Ann Romney, Mia Love, Rae Lynne Chornenky, Barbara Comstock, Lisa Stickan speaking at the convention...The Republican women are on a roll!

    1. Yes these ladies are very impressive. I was taken last night also with Mia Love. I see her as a rising star in the GOP.

  4. Mitt's parents probably paid for his education, but I think he earned all the rest. Anyway why shouldn't parents help out their kids if they can. One of the perks of working hard all your life so your kids can get ahead.

    They seemed to have been living in a basement apartment those first years at university and then a baby came along so life wasn't all easy. For sure they had a safety net in their parents.

    Ann reminds me of someone from the 1940's or 50's. What a doll.

    The stupidist thing last night was Anderson out in the storm in Louisiana. Just to the side and back of him their was all this pouring water and hardly anything elsewhere. I am sure some technician had a garden hose going and or they positioned themselves right next to the runoff from a building.


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