Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Help Remember Omar Khadr's Victims

 Some in the media party and others try to portray Omar as a victim but he is not a victim. In fact he's been turned into a celebrity to some.  But there are  real victims here. The real victims are the widow and the children of Sargent Christopher Speer whom Omar murdered.   Seems everyone has forgotten about them.  No one talks about them just about Omar.   Ezra Levant has not forgotten though and we shouldn't either.

Ezra  has set up a fundraiser for the Speer's children, Tayrn and Tanner to help send them to college.   I suggest everyone go on the website and contribute whatever you can.   It helps one's frustration to do something good. 
 In 2002, a Canadian-born Al Qaida terrorist named Omar Khadr murdered Christopher Speer, an unarmed U.S. special forces medic, in Afghanistan.

In 2010, a jury sentenced Khadr to 40 years in prison for his war crimes. But after serving less than two years of that sentence, Khadr was released to Canada, where liberal parole laws mean he will be free to walk out of prison within months.

We must not forget the real victims in this terrible story: the children of Sgt. Speer, Taryn and Tanner, who had their father stolen away from them.

This campaign is a way for Canadians, and people around the world, to do something constructive in the face of the horror of Khadr's act of murder and the injustice of his early release.

Donations collected on this page will be sent to Tabitha Speer, Christopher's widow and the mother of Taryn and Tanner, to help with the children's education and other needs. All monies will be sent in trust to Tabitha Speer's lawyers, Winder and Counsel.
-Ezra Levant & Hamish I. Marshall
For more information please contact Ezra Levant at ezra@ezralevant.com

Go right now to Speer Kids' Fund!   Help meet or beat Ezra's goal of $50,000.  Let's remember the real victims.

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