Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wildrose Roots Were Not Deep Enough

Ok, I am finished licking my wounds from the Alberta election.  Sure I was really wanting Wildrose to win.   I thought Danielle Smith would make terrific premier and I still do.  It's obvious Albertans were not quite comfortable yet handing them government.  Wildrose roots were just not deep enough yet.

 I know we all believed the polls and the pundits.  Most were projecting a Wildrose win.  The expectation was high.  It looks now like the polls were wrong.

But hey, thinking about it most of the day yesterday, it wasn't a total loss.  Wildrose came away with 17 seats including Danielle's. PCs came away with fewer seats than they had before. Wildrose is now the official opposition, the government in waiting.  Danielle and her team will keep hammering away at Red Ali and her PC minions as they keep mucking the province up. 

It was the same situation with the Lougheed PCs at first. They were in opposition first to prove themselves, then government.  Same too with the CPC. Look where they are now.

As the time passes, Wildrose will gain experience, get more media and public attention. Their roots will grow deeper.  Albertans will get to know them better and become more comfortable.  If they do a good job, keep their noses clean, keep getting their message out, they will gain the trust of Albertans come next election in four years, they will be rewarded and Danielle Smith, a smart, charismatic, articulate woman will be handed the keys to the premiers office.

I think we just have to be patient.  As the Wildrose roots grow deeper, the more stable they will be and next time will not be blown over.  The next election campaign is just starting.


  1. What a lot of people will be watching for is how they handle themselves in the upcoming legislative session. If Danielle can come across as a formidable opposition then I think it will go a long way to show that they are a viable option for the future.

  2. I agree. That being said, there is a lot of work to do.

    1. Candidates have to be vetted better. With official opposition status, I hope more people will come forward.

    2. Constituency Associations have to start work this year on building up their membership list and putting money away.

    3. Party Headquarters has to start doing what the Federal Conservatives do and hammer on Alision with ads on the TV whenever she screws up - which should be often.

    I would keep most all of the platform intact, there was nothing really wrong with it.

    1. Yes,there is a lot of work to do and it will be hard work.
      I like most of the platform too.

  3. I'm choked that we lost, but realistically, pleased at the result if we couldn't win outright. I'm going to actually do something with my membership, and show up for the convention in the fall when policies are reviewed, etc. The more we all get involved, the stronger the roots will be.

    1. Good for you Candace. Yes we all should get more involved and help to get that message out. Don't ever take things for granted,work. That goes federally as well.

  4. Both ED and Alison faced the ndp and liberals on a regular basis and it seems that Alison has catered to some of the ndp ideas and policies.
    But now that Alison is facing Danielle Smith, a whole new ball game will have to change for her as she Alison, will be kept on her toes especially to her coziness with the unions.

    In other words Alison cant fool around with words or with the public like she did when she fsced the ndp and libs.

    I plan to watch the provincial legislature on television or on the net:

  5. I also found this which I should have listed as well:

    Watch your MLA in action!

    ps, I am not aware the date the Assembly resumes.

    1. Alison indicated yesterday there will be a session before the summer. I imagine we'll know in the coming days.

  6. Yes,facing Danielle and Wildrose,Red Ali will not get a free ride. It will be tough ride for the PCs,count on it. No more sneaking through legislation without tough scrutiny and out of the public's eye. Danielle and her team will make sure of that.

  7. Alberta's Wildrose MLAs did not catch the wave, unlike the Dippers in Quebec.
    They are all strong, that's why they won!
    And afew of the contests were very very close!

    Since REDford declared her PC party is kissin' cousins to the Libs and NDP, I am hoping we will have alot of qualified p'oed former PCers who will put their name up for nomination!!!

    How many of Alison's MLAs with deep religious beliefs will be happy with her smear and fear campaign against fellow Conservatives....

    Curious how REDford took her campaign down the same path Paul Martin/Dion/Iggy did, rejecting part of their base to replace it with lefties.
    Must be that excellent coaching from Toronto, eh.

    The Libs ( -16%) collapsed into REDford's team,
    and she still lost 8% of the popular vote.
    Wildrose will convince those who held their noses and voted REDford, to come on side.

    The best is yet to come.

  8. It may hurt today but actually looking at the gains WRP made for such a young party is gives one hope. We can't give up and I agree with you, the best is yet to come. Danielle will give Alison a run for her money in the Leg. Will be a joy to watch. I was thinking we should support Danielle by sending her a note of encouragement.


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