Thursday, January 29, 2015

Does Justin Trudeau Have a "Secret Agenda?"

 I meant to post this a few days ago but life got in the way.  I had a dental appointment and then I had to go and help out with my two beautiful little granddaughters so better late than never.  

You know how the Liberals and most on the left have always accused Stephen Harper of having a  hidden agenda?  Well, oh, oh, it seems like Liberal leader Justin Trudeau might have a "hidden agenda."  Scott Brison spilled the beans.
The Liberals have made clear that they view a national program to rebuild roads, bridges and transit as a key means of stimulating job-creation and economic growth. Although they have attached no firm figure to the plan,  the party approved a resolution in March calling for spending of up to 1% of GDP a year, or about $20 billion.  Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, an ally of federal leader Justin Trudeau, this week argued for combined federal and provincial spending of $100 billion a year.
 The challenge is where to find the money, without pushing the country deep into deficit again. Mr. Brison hinted at the party’s thinking when he told Mr. Berthiaume much of the work could be done “off the government balance sheet” by tapping funds from pension plans, including the Canada Pension Plan, into which all working Canadians contribute.
 “There are other ways of working with the pension funds to do something really big on infrastructure and at the same time create a more competitive economy,” Mr. Brison said.
 “If you look at the CPP [investment board], Omers, Teachers, AIMCO – pension funds in Canadare building infrastructure around the world. Is there the potential to engage them, and to engage global pension funds, in helping us to rebuild our infrastructure in Canada? I believe there is that potential.”

That's right folks,Justin would raid your pension funds to pay for their spending.  How do you like that?

And by the way if you haven't seen this yet please do.  Gives you an indication how the Liberal's chosen one is not up to the job of becoming Prime Minister.     Really stunning!

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