Friday, April 17, 2015


What's this campaign coming to?  Wildrose candidate, Rick Strankman,  had to apologize and take down a poster asking "Bring Your Wife's Pie" for an auction to fundraise for his re-election

 Some calling it harmless while others called it "sexist" 

NDP Leader Rachel Notley took a lighter approach, answering questions about the poster with a laugh.
“I think Mr. Strankman has some perhaps out-of-date assumptions about who does the cooking where,” she said.
“I would say that perhaps it’s clear he has a sweet tooth, but he needs a wisdom tooth.”
 I think it is a rural vs urban thing but it is so ridiculous that this would even be an issue.  So stupid!  Desperation to make the Wildrose look bad.    Hey, makes me want to bake pies this weekend! Cheers!


  1. People who are upset at "bring your wife's pie" aren't voting Wild Rose anyways. Tell them to take a hike.

  2. Exactly. The WR should not have dignified this with an apology.

  3. I'm a city gal, but I'd try my hand at pie baking just to spite the boo-birds.

  4. oldwhiteguy says........ we continue marching down the stupid trail. imagine baking a pie is now anti woman. for all you women out there who think. I suggest you do one of two things. get a life and go to the market if you can't, won't or don't bake pies.


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