Monday, August 31, 2015

Thomas Mulcair Has Some Splainin' To Do

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 Canadians need to have the NDP leader answer some questions.  He has to clarify exactly where he stands.

So first of all we don't really know the real Thomas Mulcair.  He leads a socialist party and has in the past praised the great British conservative leader and Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.  He also spoke against unions.

Then in 2007 he was making moves to join the Conservative Party of Canada in as an advisor which he now denies.  They offered him a salary of $180,000 but it wasn't enough for him instead he wanted $300,000.

The latest is all his spending promises and how he's going to pay for it all.  He has an $8 billion hole in his plan.
New NDP spending promise when fully implemented. This total does not even include 125 promises not yet costed. But even the NDP’s job killingthe hook for $8 billion. This means the NDP will impose massive tax hikes on Canadian families – on top of the tax hikes the NDP has already promised.

This is just a few items Mulcair needs to answer for.  Then there's the $3 million his party stole for satellite offices they refuse to pay back.  How can we trust Mulcair for the country's top job?  Give your head a shake and take moment to think.
Can Canadians trust Thomas Mulcair with the country's top job? Mulcair's image has been cleaned up by party strategists for the 2015 election, but we've seen enough of his behaviour and attitude over the years to make some judgement.  
Meanwhile back in Alberta here concerning the Notley NDP government, they're already breaking a promise to cut school fees in half and parents are not happy campers.
 Despite an NDP election promise to cut school fees in half and eliminate noon-hour supervision charges, the bills will remain as children head back to school this week and Education Minister David Eggen’s office reviews the annual payments.

Then you have growing number of Albertans getting pessimistic about the provincial economy.
A growing number of Albertans appear to be pessimistic about the provincial economy and view cutting government spending — instead of raising taxes or boosting expenditures — as the preferred option for dealing with the budget deficit.
The Mainstreet Research survey found just 21 per cent of Albertans feel optimistic about the economy in the next year, a drop of 20 percentage points from May. Although 40 per cent said they felt good about their household’s financial situation in the coming months, that number has fallen 12 percentage points in the past three months.
They've already authorized an increase of 50% of debt for this year.



  1. Being from Saskatchewan I know very well what Socialists are like and they're all the same. To a Socialist the end always justifies the means and the end is always control over your life and loss of your freedoms. You can't trust a Socialist, ever!

  2. Nova Scotia ended up with a 400 BILLION dollar deficit from the NDP...then there is Manitoba in deficit with the NDP...and BC under Adrian Dix almost ruined the province and not to forget Bob Rae in Ontario.
    Take a look at the MP's in the NDP....half of them didn't even campaign in Quebec and were shocked to be elected. Some Govt. that would make.

  3. He's out there today saying within the first 100 days he will have an inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women. I heard the 50 Million thrown around. Also more money for shelters$$$$ How much will that cost taxpayers. They already had 40 studies done...what will the result be in the end?? What a bone headed waste of time. Vote buying at it's sleaziest.

  4. Frmgrl -- Did you see this link put out by Jason Kenney about the giant hole in the NDP plan?

    1. Yup, it's in the above post. "He has an $8 billion hole in his plan."

    2. Good. I tried to compare information in that link with your quotes but it got away from me. LOL


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