Monday, August 24, 2015

WAKE UP Canada!

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 Today as some have deemed as Black Monday have stock markets around the world crashing.

At the same time you have Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair prancing around the country with big spending promises.  The media party is Duffy, Duffy, Duffy. 
For anyone with a stake in Canada’s economy – which would be all 35 million of us – the week started off to ugly, ugly news. The stock market route that took hold last week is continuing. Australia’s market lost $60 billion right off the get-go. Investors in China are so enraged at the boss of the metals exchange that they kidnapped him from his hotel. Headlines are rife with words like “panic”, “crash,”, “collapse”, “fear.”
In Canada? In Canada we have an election underway, and the candidates plan another week of blithely promising new programs with new spending, while official Ottawa obsesses over which subordinates in the Prime Minister’s Office knew Nigel Wright was paying Mike Duffy’s bills.
Please voters, Wake up!  Be careful! Think before you cast your ballot on Oct.19.

During this time of huge volatility we can't afford new spending programs.  Do you want the NDP, or the LPC in which both parties are progressives, to spend us into oblivion regardless of the economic conditions.  Or do you want a Stephen Harper and the CPC who will keep spending down, keep taxes down to help us weather the storm as much as possible.

Remember 2008, when the great recession hit us?  Don't forget it was the Libs and the Dippers who forced the Conservatives to spend those billions of dollars that gave us a deficit and increased the debt.  We finally just got out of that deficit and it's the Libs and Dippers who are complaining about how the debt shot up under Harper.  Conservative supporters, please remind your progressive friends and neighbors.

So please I urge each and everyone to go and do your own homework. There's still lots of time. You cannot trust the media to give you the truth and information you need to know.  Ignore them.  Let them obsess over Duffy as much as they please. They're only talking amongst each other anyway.  Severely normal ordinary people outside of the Ottawa bubble just don't care. They're too busy making a living and taking care of their family.

During this time of huge volatility we can't afford new spending programs. 


  1. Such a laugh today. There's Trudeau promising veterans everything but the kitchen sink(well maybe that too)...$500 MILLION a year and the rest of the costing to come. They are going to do hell and all and it will be implemented immediately(if he's Prime Minister) on TOP of what the Conservatives have planned at the closing of parliament before the election call. This is the Liberals who gave the military the "Decade of Darkness" and his own father drove around Montreal in a motorcycle wearing a German Helmet . Now Trudeau is all gushy today. His announcement sounded like the speech he made at his fathers funeral...or he was smoking something .Are veterans really going to get snookered into this obvious vote buying BS that will never happen.

    1. That is a joke. They voted against every measure the Conservatives brought in to enhance the Veterans Charter that set up when they were in office.

    2. frmgrl, you are wrong. STop making stupid stuff up.

    3. Frmgrl is not wrong. She is NOT making stuff up. The UK stock market lost billions of pounds yesterday affecting seniors pensions. Did you check her link to her source? Why don't you identify yourself?

  2. OMG the market's down?!?!??! Oh wait... The market is still plus 2000 points over where it was in 2010 and it was artificially inflated by lies and false market predictions out of China??? Gee... Canadians seem to have short memories ... Remember that Company back in 2004 called Nortel that was going to provide a home phone to every person in China and wrote their financials based on those wire infrastructure future sales???

    Our markets are 2000 points stronger then post recession people long fall still before the bottoms dropped out

  3. Oh god...watching the bearded one with the fake smile and beady eyes foaming at the mouth and his head swollen thinking him and his children MP's of Quebec who have funded separtists and are backed by UNIONS think Canadians are going to be such fools to let this bunch have their hand on the Canadian Till. What a tool. He has Stephen Lewis there all giddy saying he's 77 and has been waiting for this moment for a lifetime. Hard to watch...I just look at it like I watch a comedy. MONEY$$$$$$$$ from Canadian Taxpayers for EVERYBODY!!!and we who work will be living in HUTS with no heat while the UNIONS will live in Mansions like Suzuki.

  4. Yes,the recent correction in the stock markets has everyone nervous, but most of the people are entranced by THE DUFFY TRIAL,thanks to the msm and their A-B-C agenda.

    People want "change",though most have no idea what exists now, so wouldn't even recognize change unless it bit them on the buttocks.

    Mulcair and Trudeau are making promises they have NO chance of keeping if either or both do form government, but there ARE millions of gullible people out there.

    AND, on Sept.8th, we have the Bruce Carson trial starting, in case Duffy hasn't convinced us that all Conservatives are greedy fascists and Harper is more like Hitler than Hitler.

    As I like to say these dark days( dark because our skies here in Kelowna are filled with smoke), let's hope the grownups show up in record numbers this election. Thanks to you and all the bloggers for getting the message out, as the msm simply doesn't.

  5. Look out for the spenders! Oh wait - the deficit builder and spender is the Conservative government. 9 Billion later

  6. Re MSM obsession with Mike Duffy trial, My husband has done a lot of door-knocking in a Regina riding. I asked what he had heard at the doors about Duffy and PMO, and he said not one person had raised it. Bettie

  7. oldwhiteguy says.......... any fool of a politician who increases spending while the world's economic circumstances are as they are should drawn and quartered and what is left of them used for fertilizer. oil will rebound and economic activity will rebound as long as politicians do not regulate everyone in the country out of business. we are our own worst enemies. the people vote for someone who offers them something, little realizing that what they get will be a small portion of what will be taken from them to give to someone else.

  8. Frmgrl, Here's is the first article I read on Justin Trudeau after his victory. Read carefully.

    Toronto Imam who urges the spread of Islam to every home in Canada congratulates new PM Justin Trudeau

    Posted by: Jonathan D. Halevi November 4, 2015

    Who is Canada’s new Prime Minister? – Fact-finding walk with Justin Trudeau

    Posted by: Diane Weber Bederman October 28, 2015


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