Thursday, August 6, 2015

Leadnow Interfering in the Federal Election?

Remember the robocall ficasco?  Leadnow and the petition with  thousands of so called disenfranchised voters that had the media party convinced that the Conservatives cheated in the 2011 election?    Leadnow is getting funding from the US to interfere in this election.  They can't air ads now that the writ has dropped but they are making phone calls in Conservative swing ridings.  

Where is Elections Canada?   Oh yeah, Leadnow is a far left activist group who are campaigning to oust the Conservatives.   If it were say a more conservative group like the Fraser Institute campaigning to keep the CPC in office with say Koch brothers money,  Elections Canada  would pounce on that like a cat on a mouse.


  1. Here's who is involved in leadnow.....all Harper haters and NDP...they like to make robo-calls...seems suspicious if you ask me.

  2. I've always assumed Elections Canada management was biased, if not completely in the pocket of the Liberals.

  3. Remember this
    Vote Mob rules.

    Elections Canada will let stand the 700 votes cast in a special ballot set up for University of Guelph students last Wednesday even though the initiative was not pre-approved and the local Conservative campaign complained it had no scrutineer present.

    The returning officer was "well-intentioned" in reaching out to students -- who had been spurred on by a Vote Mob campaign to get young people to the polls -- and has been told not to do it again, Elections Canada says.

    But a prominent expert in election law says "ad hoc" polling stations frequently lead to voting irregularities.

    "In other words, it appears that ballots seem to be there that may not be legitimate," lawyer Gerry Chipeur said Friday. "That's the problem with ad hoc polls -- you can't be sure that ballots haven't made their way in that shouldn't be there.

    "I'm not saying that's what happened here, but when you don't have everybody present, it just raises questions. It's very important that you follow the procedure in the (Canada Elections) Act," he said.

    Chipeur said the ballots cast in Guelph, located west of Toronto, shouldn't count if the returning officer didn't follow the strict letter of the law.

    Votes cast at a similar special ballot set up at University of Toronto in 2006 were thrown out after the local federal Liberal candidate complained.

    One rule for Conservatives and another for Liberals it seems.

  4. Good catch frmgrl. What I would suggest is that you or someone send a link to this post to the email address at Elections Canada. Then, they can't say they didn't know. Or, Tweet them if they have a Twitter account.

    1. Just sent Elections Canada an email. Will let everyone know if they reply.

  5. Leadnow is a subsidiary of the NDP with a Leadnow registered lobbyist as Alberta's Chief of Staff in the Energy Ministry. They were key in manufacturing the Robocall so called scandal. Why are the NDP allowed a 'black ops' arm not included in their election spending? Hello Elections Canada, anybody there?

  6. I want every conservative reading this to FINALLY use their own tactics against them for once this election. Ever go to a conservative rally where leftist protesters show up? Let's show up to their rallies. Show up to NDP rallies with signs about how the NDP will cost your family big time etc.


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