Monday, August 31, 2009

Glenn Beck and Common Sense

Since this blog is about fighting for common sense, I thought it would be beneficial to write about the book that has inspired me.

I have been reading and recommend highly this book by Glenn Beck,
Common Sense, The Case Against An Out-of Control Government,
Inspired by Thomas Paine, this summer.

In this book Beck emphazises how the American government is getting out of control with their spending and the gradual enchroachment of government on individuals to reduce their basic fundamental freedoms and how Americans can take their country back.

He goes at both parties, the Repulicans and the Demorcrats and their disregard for the average individual. He points out both sides have fallen down on the job and are just out for themselves.

This book is about America but as I kept reading this book, I noticed that it could apply here as well on all levels of government.

I hope you all get a chance to read it. It will inform you and inspire you. Just like Americans, we can take Canada back too.

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