Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Election Now, Why?

The Liberal leader today indicated that his party was no longer going to support the government. So that means we might be forced into an election really nobody except the Liberals want right now.

Why? What is the pressing issue? $300 million spent for what result? Most likely be the same result as we have now. Why jeopardize the ecomonic recovery?

Read the comment section in this CTV article. Seems a majority of commentors are not in favor of what Ignatieff wants put us through.

Take a look at this poll that they are conducting right now. It's not scientific but it's interesting none the less.

Who would you vote for in a possible fall election?
6554 votes
(61 %)
2920 votes
(27 %)
726 votes
(7 %)
605 votes
(6 %)

Total Votes: 10805

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