Sunday, September 20, 2009

Green Shift II?

Is Michael Ignatieff bringing back the Green Shift plan that so utterly failed as policy platform in last year's election under the then Liberal leader Stephan Dion?

This is what he says in his latest video,
"For nearly four years, Canadians have been told they need to choose between the economy and the environment," he says. "Well, we disagree."
hmmm......... green shift II coming maybe?

Does he think maybe if repackaged, Canadians will buy it? Probably not. We rejected it a year ago. Why would we accept it now?

Canadians have short memories but not that short.

Michael Ignatieff, how dumb do think we are that we would buy into your lofty fluffy ideas of nothingness?
Canadians like meat and potatoes. Until you provide us with some, we aren't buyin' Got that?

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