Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Winds of Change?

Could something be on the changing in the world of Alberta politics?

Just might. With the election of Paul Hinman of Wildrose Alliance Party in Calgary Glenmore Tuesday night, something could very well be a foot.

The PC candidate Diane Colley-Urguhart came in a distant third. It was a big blow to the Stelmach PC government, since that riding has been a PC stronghold since 1971.

Recently though, Albertans have been unhappy with Stelmach government for instance, on the ballooning $7 billion deficit, the changes in the oil and gas royality formula and just a general overall the way they've been spending.

What is interesting from Tuesday night's results is that voters did not choose Liberals. They chose a truly conservative party to represent them in the legislature. That's because Albertans have been in the most part conservative and the government has been leaning more and more left all the time.

Could this be the start of a movement? Let's hope so.

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