Friday, November 27, 2009

Current Abortion Policy out of Touch with Majority of Canadians

For nine years in a row a majority of Canadians favor some sort of restriction on abortion. A recent poll conducted by Environics found that:

56%, support legal protection at some stage before birth
30% support legal protection from conception on, after six months of pregnancy.
17% after three months of pregnancy
8% after six months of pregnancy.

Support for legal protection from conception on is much higher among women, 35%, than men at 25%.

Abortion funding:

68% of Canadians want privately funded
26% support tax-funding of all abortions down from 30% a year ago
18% or only tax-funded in cases of medical emergency "such as a threat to the mother's life or in cases of rape or incest.

Funding for medical procedures are a provincial responsibility. Our provincial governments need to defund this procedure that kills our most vulnerable precious unborn children. With governments right now scrambling to cut costs because of economic downturn, not only is it wrong to take our money to pay for something that according to this poll, a majority don't approve of but we also can't afford it.


  1. Excellent news, but unfortunately, the silent majority is still silent.

  2. You're right hunter. It's time the silent majority starts making some noise on this issue.

  3. Yowzers! OK, here goes.
    I'm done parenting children that may have an unwanted pregnancy. I'm also done being a person in the situation of an unwanted pregnancy but having said all of that, I never believed that an abortion should be paid for by a govt body, ever.......exception, rape/criminal act.

    As a young woman, it would have never occurred to me to ask for money had I made a mistake.
    Had my daughters, same thing.

    I am not opposed to abortion but I am opposed to funding abortions as a form of birth control.

  4. Left in the hands of the Provinces,
    is the best imo.

    Saskatoon has cut off performing abortions at 12 weeks.
    Alberta Health Services pays up to 20 weeks.
    Out of province women are charged a fee.

    Can't have universal healthcare and defund abortions.
    But perhaps abortions could not be considered basic services (free in Alberta) and require obtaining additional health insurance, such as Alberta Blue Cross.


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