Friday, November 27, 2009

Running Down Canada

Charles Adler hit one out of the ballpark again. Today he talked about those in Ottawa trashing the troops and the country over the Afghan detainees during the last week. He is angry at the opposition and all the talking heads running down our country.
Listen to him here at QR77 Click on 2:00 pm. About 7 minutes in and then continues after the news at bottom of the hour.

Thank-you Charles, you expressed exactly what I feel.


  1. Charles, hit the ball right out of the park, indeed. Just when I think I have heard him at his best, he reinforces my Canadian resolve.

    The Opposition, had only one motive and it was not the safety of the Taliban however, that certainly has been their tacky camouflage. Their goal was entirely meant to empty the trash can of the Prime Minister and find a snippet of scandal and turn it into an international embarrassment.

    They failed and just when you think they have gone as low into the sewer as they can, they find a deeper bottom to explore.

    It tells me that only those that ARE, think the worst of those that ARE NOT.

  2. Every MP should be made listen to that daily.

    Rob C

  3. Rob C, I totally agree with you.

  4. Well look at who's leading the Libs.
    Iffy has been running down Canada for years,
    and still is.

  5. Adler was amazing! Damn near brings you to tears, and I suspect he was.

    Thanks for posting that!

  6. Deja vu.

    Didn't the libs have an inquiry into something that happened in Somalia, and when the info coming out started rflecting badly on Chretien he shut the inquiry down and disbanded the Airborne?


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