Friday, November 13, 2009

Ed Stelmach Promises Changes?

Things have not been going to well for the Premier for awhile now. Some external, some of their own doing. Poll numbers dropping like a stone while Wildrose Alliance is rising in popular support.

Last weekend Annual General Meeting Premier Stelmach got 77% support from the PC party membership. He promised there would be changes.

What are those changes going to be? Is he going to shuffle his cabinet? There is speculation out there he might. He could begin by taking Ted Morton, put him in Finance, Iris Evans has been a disaster. Also remove Ron Liepert from Alberta Health and Wellness Minister, he doesn't have clue what he's doing.

There are more, too many to mention right now. I could go on and on about Cabinet Minister incompetence but it's going to take more than a cabinet shuffle to change things in Alberta.

First of all before you shuffle your cabinet,Premier Stelmach, please listen to Albertans. We are not happy. Make the kind of changes WE want, like change the royalty formula back, cut spending, cut taxes, and axe the AHRC for example. It would be good start!


  1. The first thing Stelmach should do is get some of his blogging supporters to tone down the rhetoric. When Mr. Harvie starts comparing Danielle Smith to Sarah Palin he is beginning to sound very mush like the Liberals under Paul Martin when they were accusing Stephen Harper of having a sinister, hidden, right-wing agenda.

  2. About the only cabinet shuffle that would bring me back to the PCs is if Morton were shuffled into the Premier's office and Special Ed were shuffled into retirement. Needless to say Premeir Ted would have to dump Ed's choices for finance and health but that kind of goes without saying.

  3. Judging by "Searching for Liberty" things must be getting real tense. Rob has taken too comparing Danielle Smith to Sarha Palin as if there is something wrong with being a successful woman. He almost appears to be intimidated by them. That can't be good for his practice.

    Rob C

  4. Rob C, I agree with you. I was over at SfL and I got the sense of a little bit of desperation setting in, in that PC camp.

    You see both are strong women that are "REAL CONSERVATIVES"
    Maybe that's what is putting him off.


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