Monday, November 16, 2009

H1N1 Overblown

See, just as I thought. The Swine Flu pandemic has been overblown.

According to our chief public officer, Dr. David Butler-Jones, the H1N1 is no worse than seasonal flu.


  1. I hope that this assessment is correct. No one in my extended family has been immunized to date. The only two, are a niece and nephew under the age of 3. My "boys" have no intention of getting the shot because of the disorganization and lineups. They do not want to waste a day waiting around. That first week was a pathetic exercise in poor planning and communications on how and why you should get the H1N1 shot. Cheers.

  2. The wait at emergency is waaaaaay longer than the lineups for the shot!

    Unless someone has underlying conditions, they are better off to get the flu and get permanent immunity, than get the shot.

    Hubby (with asthma) did not get the shot,
    did get the flu,
    did get Tamiflu....all is well.

  3. Thankfully the flux has been weak because the roll out in my community has been very disjointed. Public Health have complete control and I must say that some regions have had better plans than others.

  4. The minute I learned that the WHO had changed the definition of a pandemic to exclude the mortality rate component, I knew that this was just another U.N. attempt to suck money out of the western democracies to help fund another of their panic mongering agencies.
    Of course, the MSM blindly followed the lead of the U.N. which they revere as the closest thing to a godhead. Ditto for the politicians. Both of these entities are also the main propagandist mouthpieces for global warming.

  5. I'm a computer geek, but my wife is a hospital director and I tend to defer to her knowledge & judgement in all healthcare issues (plus its good to stay married :-) ).
    The problem with this and all flus is that you are contagious before you may show symptoms, and although it may be mild for you,there's always the chance you'll pass it to someone who is highly susceptible.
    Its true, some precautions can decrease the probability of getting the flu, but not getting immunized is to me, the equivalent of running around and having unsafe sex. The odds of getting and passing on HIV are pretty slim, but its still very irresposible behaviour.
    The question to ask yourself is, if you don't get immunized, and you get the flu & infect a high risk person who subsequently dies - who is responsible?

  6. That's the message they want us to stay on, comrade.

  7. That's why ONLY high risk persons and persons in close contact with those who can not get the shot (babies under 6 months)
    should get the shot anon, to protect themselves.
    The rest of us should just carry on, get the flu, not get the flu, what ever.
    If everyone gets the shot, there will be no natural immunity in the general population,
    and that is not a good thing.


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