Thursday, November 5, 2009

How will Ed do?

In just two days Premier Ed Stelmach will have a mandatory leadership review. How will he do?
The latest poll that just came out this morning doesn't look too good at this point for the Premier and his PC's.

The poll conducted by Environics puts the PCs at 34% Wildrose Alliance at 28% Liberals at 20% and the ND's at 9%. Wildrose is clearly gaining. Is this a referendum on the PC government, is there a political shift happening in Alberta? Who knows? Time will tell.

So will this have an effect on his leadership numbers on Saturday? I don't know. Maybe.
Some say that if he doesn't get at least 70% he should step down. Some have a lower threshold for him.

What will the numbers end up to be? What will the members say? I think he'll end up with between 60 and 65% approval.

We'll wait until Saturday and then see what happens from there.

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  1. As a WRA member I hope Mr. Stelmach stays.

    Rob C


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