Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anti-Semitism in Calgary

It's really sickening to think that anti-semitism is at work once again, in Calgary to boot. Late Saturday or early Sunday various Jewish facilities were vandalized. This was clearly a hate crime. Were lessons not learned from the past?

I thought we were a more tolerant society now with respect for one another's ethnicity, religion or POV.

This kind of act should not be tolerated at all. I hope whoever is responsible for this horrible thing will get the book thrown at them.


  1. This could be the work of one or a few people, and thus should not be blown out of proportion.

    Having lived in Calgary for many decades, I can tell you that the level of antisemitism is so low as to be undetectable.

  2. Not be blown out of proportion? Tell me this my friend, at what level should anti-semitism be tolerated in your eyes?
    Anti-semitism should not be tolerated at ANY level!

  3. If that is how you feel I guess rabbit is a good name for you.


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