Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christie Blatchford Smacksdown Fellow Journalists

Christie Blatchford in her column today in the Globe and Mail smacksdown her fellow reporters who crucified her for this earlier piece, on the Afghan prisioner abuse fiasco. Here's what she had to say:

"I am not one of those smart Ottawa reporters who, having suffered through too many Question Periods, know what constitutes torture better than anyone else. Nor am I a mandarin, politician or aide, all of whom have endured the same, plus the practice of jackal journalism, which is what the modern game has become.

So perhaps, when such good people raise their voices, as they did this week, and cry "Torture! Cover-up! Bombshell!", I should simply defer to their greater collective wisdom and yield the floor.

Alas, I am constitutionally unable. Also, for the most part, I think they're blowing smoke out their bums. Besides, since Parliament has now ordered the government to produce thousands of uncensored documents on Afghan detainees, it seems clear that whether officially or through leaks, many of these documents over the coming weeks and months will one way or another be making a public appearance"

To that I say thank-you Christie Blatchford! We need more journalists with the guts like her to report the facts and the truth. I suggest we all email her and tell her thank-you. If you want to contact her, here's how you can do it.


  1. I've always admired this woman. She gets in and isn't afraid to get dirty to get to the truth of a story. From her many articles on abused children to what our soldiers are facing in Afghanistan, it would be a total shame if ever he voice is silenced. ~Leasa

  2. Finally, a reputable journalist puts events in historical perspective. The Chretien Liberals, horrified that prisoners were being turned over to our American allies, instead arranged to assign them to the Afghan government side. This at the time was hearalded as being in the prisoners interest, such was the anti-Americanism in Liberal and NDP ranks. I have listened to Evan Solomon and his cohorts for close to 2 weeks on this issue, and not once has this information been mentioned. As for the CBC, they continue desperately to flog this story, spending 90% of Fri P&P show on the topic.

  3. Christie spent time with our soldiers in Afghanistan; know the risks they are taking. She has seen the blood shed.

    She should be our troops spokesperson and reporter and any assinine jackass from the lefty media and opposition parties who dare speak crudely about soldiers will be dealt with with harsh words.
    Our soldiers would sooner speak to CHRISTIE than to some fly -by-who-claims-to be a reporter and who supports what the liberals ndp and the bloc support: terrorists, corruption etc.

  4. Ms Blatchford has never been anybody's baby.

  5. Christe Blachford for G.G.
    Cheers Bubba

  6. The problem with the CBC and many of the journalists isn't incompetence, it's they are on the other side, traitors in other words.


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