Sunday, December 13, 2009

Does the Media Make You Feel Like a Failure re Global Warming?

Robert Fulford in the National Post explains how the media in particular has been trying to shame us for our failure in doing nothing on the so called global warming.

"Apparently, Canada had not reached the standards expected by a UN member. On about a dozen occasions, the CBC told me that our abysmal failure had made people elsewhere consider us the world’s moral sinkhole. As late as Thursday morning, a CBC radio host reminded me that among countries ecologically in the know, Canada is considered “public enemy number one.”

And this about the Red Star non-sense,

"Through this process, the Toronto Star kept its readers on top of what the Star considers should be the national mood. Star editors, understandably, were almost paralyzed with grief over our nation’s carbon emissions failure and our unfortunate reputation."


  1. "Does the Media Make You Feel Like a Failure re Global Warming?"

    Short answer? No.

    Longer answer? Since I have long since lost any respect for anyone in the news & entertainment industry, I don't much care what they think of me.

    I take what the media says with a grain of salt. So many news stories are written with an agenda and contain only the facts that support that agenda that one should use a healthy dose of skepticism when reading them.

    As for MSM opinion? Why bother? It's nothing more than a herd of self important elitists spouting formulaic, predictable whining & smearing.

  2. First words out of Quebec and Ontario enviro ministers at Copenhagen....Alberta tarsands.
    (headline says oilsands, quotes from enviro Minister is Tarsands)

    Perhaps we Albertans need a new approach.
    Ontario and Quebec understand job losses.
    So we need to dig and find all those Eastern manufacturing jobs that were directly related to the oil and gas industry in Alberta, that have been or will be affected.

    We need help from our BTers in Ontario and Quebec to get this info together....please.

  3. Oh, and we need some pics of those Ontario coal burning plants, and water quality readings from Ontario....shouldn't be too hard to google

  4. "Star editors, understandably, were almost paralyzed with grief ..."

    C'mon, Canada, we can do better than that! We need more paralysis!

  5. Dear Ontarians,
    Your McGuinty government is attacking the oilsands, and thusly very good paying jobs could be sent to the manufacturing sector in OTHER provinces.

    Should Alberta companies award contracts to the mfg industry in a province that degrades them?...

    ''...Ontario could also see a $102 billion boost to its economy over the 2000-2020 period (from development in the oilsands)

    “four times more jobs will be created OUTSIDE the oil and gas sector than in the oil and gas sector as a result of this development.”6

    Moreover CERI finds that about 19 percent of the total employment impacts within Canada will be felt in Ontario,
    (1.03 million person years of work 2000-2020)
    notably in the business services and manufacturing sectors.

  6. I found it,
    how the McGuinty government viewed the Alberta Oilsands in 2007,
    oh my, what a difference...where McGuinty wanted to grow the Ontario economy with jobs, he now wants to grow government coffers with taxes (or maybe his enviro Minister hasn't checked in with the Economic Dev Minister, see below).

    What? October 2009 website
    from the Ontario Economic Developement and Trade website:

    ''Welcome to Energy Connections –
    Oil Sands Partnerships
    If you’re an Ontario manufacturer looking for new markets, Canada’s oil sands industry may offer an enormous opportunity.''

    Success stories..Ontario and the Oilsands

    Babcock & Wilcox Canada Ltd to Supply Modular Boilers for Kearl Oil Sands Project
    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, July 13, 2009

    ES FOX in the oil sands
    Niagara Falls
    An Ontario-based construction, fabrication and engineering company recently achieved preferred supplier status with Shell Canada.

    250 direct hire tradesmen and approx. 150 subtrade personnel in construction of modules included erection of 4,500 tonnes of Structural Steel,
    fabrication and installation of 40,000 metres of Piping, installation of 10,000 metres of Electrical Cable Tray,
    installation of Process Equipment and application of 2,300 square metres of Fireproofing.

    Westlake Industries
    contracted by Bechetel Canada Ltd. to supply prefabricated piping for the Shell Canada UE-1 off-module project

    The Ontario government, in partnership with our manufacturing industry, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters and the Alberta and federal governments,
    has built a “made-in-Canada” solution, matching Alberta energy suppliers with Ontario manufacturers.

    Key areas of opportunity for Ontario manufacturers include:
    •Coatings and heat-treating
    •Engineering and construction
    •Environmental technologies
    •Fabricated metal products
    •Industrial accommodation
    •Industrial machinery and equipment
    •Machine shops
    •Pre-fabricated housing
    •Structural steel
    •Tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers

  7. Good digging, Wilson. You know I wish that our Environment Minister in Alberta here, Rob Renner would remind his counterpart in Ontario of all those benefits they receive because of our oil sands. He needs to do like wise with Quebec too.

    Our oilsands here in Alberta and Saskatchewan for that matter have become the ecomonic engine of Canada in my mind.

  8. I had always taken media reports with a grain of salt, but since this AGW nonsense started I am at the point where I don't give any credence to anything they report. The CBC, in particular, has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the environmental zealots and the people they have writing and delivering the news are so blatantly left-wing and so obviously shills for the greenies that it is disgusting.

  9. If the Dippers had any gumption, they would be pointing out how the McGuinty government is on bended knees asking for Oil Sands contracts.

    Dippers are so wrapped up in protesting, they go all global instead of domestic.

    Well, the Oil Sands Industry will deal with the attacks by awarding contracts to other provinces.


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