Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Lefty Utopia

Look at what happens when you allow lefties to take over. This is Detroit. It looks like a third world city. It has been governed by lefties for years. A lefty utopia indeed.

Shutting Detroit Down

I say no thank you to lefties running the show. They wreck things. Your country, your province, your municipality will turn out like Detroit.


  1. Great post Frmgrl! Elitists and their idea of utopia.

  2. ... ah yes Detroit. If you have ever read the book "Made in Japan" by Akio Morita ( one of the two founders of Sony) , he touches on the subject of rust-bucket industries in his book. He visited Detroit in the 50's and was shocked by what he saw !

    Actually the environmentalists would be pleased , as I read in an article a while back( can't find it now) where it was discussing how the "urban forest" was "blossoming" ... if that is the right word ! Well it turns out , like in this photo , buildings are falling down and nature is replacing the wrecks.

    Speaking of wrecks. I remember in the 60's driving north/west on JohnR ( it is the red-light street) you hit when you exit the tunnel from Windsor ... anyway this was at the time when Detroit didn't track car VIN numbers , so if you wanted to junk your car , just take the plates off and abandon it on a street like JohnR ... the residents would do the rest ... and the street looked like it had been a war zone in Beirut with abandoned stripped car bodies.

    The inner city is ~80% black and has always been a dangerous place since the late 50's. Toronto has a similar problem Jane & Finch , Malvern Place etc. but much smaller in scale but again a place where violence and dependency on welfare is similar to that in Detroit ... courtesy of liberal initiatives like in Detroit.

  3. Funny, George W Bush and Cheney pretty much caused this global recession, with particular attention to total deregulation. Unabashed corporatist greed never got anyone anywhere.

    Anonymous: you speak of inner city 80% black: do you have a problem with race?

    You all whine about the poor and welfare
    dependence. You all complain about welfere but offer no solution to this problem.

    Cutting them off completely certainly would be a bigger problem: a much higher homeless population for example.

    Speaking of complaining about welfare and the poor: how come conservative folks are not even more outraged by corporate welfare? Tax breaks and loopholes for the richest on the backs of the working class and disappearing middle class. Why does this not anger you?

    Hunter, once again, you miss the boat, but that's ok, you're only repeating what your idols speak of. Why are we on the left considered elitist in your books? My family, friends, other left winged folks I know and myself are about as far from elitist as one can get.

    It's the conservatives who are elitist, cow-towing to society's richest at the expense of the working class. Like only the rich count. Not the middle class who actually do pay taxes.

    Hunter, looks like you're chasing utopia; utopic capitalism Ayn Rand aspired to and wrote of. Here's a clue: Ayn Rand couldn't even apply it to her own life; couldn't practise what she preached.


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