Thursday, December 31, 2009

Liberal Hypocrisy Again

Oh, the feigned outrage and accusations of abuse of Afghan detainees against our troops and our government.

The Torch (BTW, a very good blog) calls the Liberals out on the detainee issue. Apparently back when they were in government, they were warned too of abuse by diplomats.

"Predate: More from Radio-Canada in April 2007 (via an acute observer):
Prisonniers afghans torturés
Une pratique déjà connue
Google translation:
The former Liberal government had been accused by Canadian diplomats in Kabul in 2003, 2004 and 2005 that torture was commonplace in Afghan prisons.

A report in 2004 the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and obtained by The News reveals that "the surveillance reports of the Independent Commission of Human Rights in Afghanistan indicate that torture remains a common practice for police officers, including the 'stage of the investigation. This measure is used to obtain confessions from detainees. "

In 2005, another report shows that military, police and intelligence services are involved in arbitrary arrests, kidnappings, extortion cases, cases of torture and killings of individuals suspected of having committed crimes. The paper also reported cases of rapes of women, girls and boys by the police commanders and their troops.

An agreement still

Despite warnings from Canadian diplomats, the Paul Martin government has nonetheless signed an agreement with the Afghan government in December 2005, to deliver to the Afghan authorities and non-Americans to all prisoners captured by Canadian soldiers.

In the wake of the controversy surrounding alleged mistreatment of detainees at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo, and torture of prisoners by U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, that Canada had taken this decision."

Where is the MSM on this? Have they forgotten? Are they lazy? Or do they want this kept buried so that only the Conservative government is embarrassed?

I think too PM Harper and Minister Mackay needs to call the Libs on this. Where are you? Inform the public, please.

This will eventually come back to bite the Liberals in the butt. They better be awfully careful in their outrage and accusations. This will get out, one way or another.


  1. The MSM has been very quiet about terrorist transfers prior to 2006 (highly suspicious). If a public inquiry is held it will need to probe such transfers beginning in 2002 during the Liberals time in office.

  2. I hope and pray that the LPOC never again get the chance to run this great country of ours which our troops are risking their lives for.

    The Liberals, ndp and the bloc and their media have done their very best to discredit our troops for the sake of the Taliban.

  3. BTW: last comment posted as anonymous, (regarding post about leftie utopia) simply because I'm having a computer and google issues, not because I hide. I am Ck of Sister Sage's Musings.

    Maybe the Liberals prior to 2006 did have something to do with torture of Afghan detainees, it certainly doesn't make that anymore right than under the Harpercons' watch. However, like the detainee issue and even the whole H1N1 vaccine roll-out and GSK exclusivity, the Harpercons always whine about it being the Liberals' fault.
    In the end, who cares whether the Liberals are responsible or even the Mulroney PCs way back when are responsible: the point is, Steve is in charge now. Instead of whining and running away when the going gets tough: change the crisis; face the crisis head-on; solve the problem.


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