Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lord Monckton Gobsmacks a Member of Greenpeace

Check this out, this member of Greenpeace doesn't really have a clue.

"Lord Monckton confronting a member of Greenpeace with her ignorance!"

h/t tomllewis


  1. What Lord M, should have asked her " are you aware that these climate leaders arrive in jets drive limo stay in very hot and expensive hotels and eat food which some of meats and fruits are flown in from foreign countries rather than eat burgers, drink soup etc and stay in semi hotel(motel)-don't you find it odd that they leaders are living in style feasting like a king at the cost of all taxpayers including you while you stand in the cold eat cheap food so that you can show your support. don't you find insulting that none of them are here standing in the cold with you. think that for a moment."

  2. Great find frmgrl! She is totally clueless, but will still bow down to the greenpeace message.

  3. Too funny, unfortunately in the there is no reaching these brainwashed idiots, sort of way.



  4. Lord Monckton should be ashamed of himself for taking on an unarmed protester.

  5. This is Elizabeth May (mini-me) with manners. She did not yell or screech her way to disrupt the Q & A. Chris was polite as well and asked her to not rely on any advocacy group for the facts but to check with the organizations that collect the FACTS.

    We need to to get the alarmists to realize the truth is the truth and to not trust special interest groups who stand to benefit or the facts.

  6. I have a lot of respect for Greenpeace but believe they are off base in this case just as all the Al Gore`s and followers who are trying to tell us we are causing global warming.


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