Thursday, December 17, 2009

More on Climate-gate

Shocking! More data was manipulated fit the theory of global warming. Data from Russia was cherry picked to fit the theory of man made climate change.

Where is our media on this?


  1. What sickens me is the images of natural catastrophes they play to fill the idiot box while the lady is talking. That media misinformation is the main reason why the weak, the naive and the uneducated around the world is falling for the ludicrous voodoo belief that we have any influence on the climate. (I guess there was no natural disaster before the 20th century...)

  2. The authorities need to go in and seize the files to prevent destruction.

  3. And what about Canada's temp info?
    Were temps at the Cda/US boarder cherry picked and the northern temps ignored?

  4. That's a very good question, wilson. Did they cherry pick from our data too?
    Needs to be investigated.

  5. Mugabe who reduce his country from wealth to rubbles uses the climate gate as means to get 'bail out' money to aide his empire wealth and those in his personnel staff and military; leaving the innocent people to eat dirt.
    This man should be tried at the 'HAGUE' for what he has done to his people instead of been praised.

    Hugo CHAVEZ a man like Mugabe also reduced the wealth of venezuela to pennies yet he continues to sustain his lifestlye in millions out of the backs of the people who are heavily controlled by him. He too, at the copenhagen in seek of more money. Imagine that, Venezuela was once a powerful and wealthiest country in south america now is nothing.

    Dictators know the first thing they have to do is enslaved the media to his will then comes in the military from scratch petted embrace yet warned, then comes the people who he has to succumb them to his will by offering them 'milk and honey', never of course to be seen. And when his mission is accomplish in enslaving citizens to his will and order, the dictator takes a day off "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"

  6. What really irks me,Jen, is that these clowns get a standing ovation. It's frightening to say the least.


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