Friday, December 18, 2009

Way to Go Premier Ed

I don't often agree with Premier Ed Stelmach but I applaud him for standing up for Alberta against Ontario and Quebec when a few days ago they were finger pointing at the bad guy Alberta again.

From the Calgary Herald

In an open letter published in major Canadian newspapers, Stelmach appeared to take aim at Quebec and Ontario, and also used a Thursday radio interview to throw direct jabs at the Liberal premiers of the two provinces.

Both Quebec and Ontario served notice at the Copenhagen climate talks they don't want their greenhouse gas cuts contributing the lion's share of national reductions simply to offset rising emissions from the carbon-intensive oilsands.

On Thursday, Stelmach fired back. In the three-quarter-page newspaper ads, which cost $118,862 to run across the country, the premier said Alberta is doing its part both on the environmental and economic fronts.

"Albertans want to reduce emissions. We offer pragmatic, practical ways to do it. No one should ignore the economic stakes of this debate," Stelmach penned in the ad, which ran on Page A17 of Thursday's Calgary Herald.

"Slowing our economy is a guaranteed way to reduce emissions. But if Alberta's economy stops growing, all Canadians will feel this pain," said the premier, who skipped the Copenhagen talks and sent instead Environment Minister Rob Renner.

Stelmach explained in the letter that Alberta's contribution to the federal treasury is "huge," with its people and businesses sending $21 billion more in taxes to Ottawa than it receives back in grants, programs and services

The following radio interview that is referred to is from the Dave Rutherford Show, QR77. If you want to listen click on the link, go to Dec. 17, 9:00 am after the news.

More from the Calgary Hearld

In a radio interview, the embattled Stelmach ramped up his attack against Charest and Ontario's Dalton McGuinty.

"I said I can predict that Quebec is going to go grandstand (in Copenhagen)," Stelmach said. "I didn't think Ontario would because there's a lot of jobs in Ontario that are dependent on the oilsands."

The premier said he thought cooler heads would ultimately prevail in Denmark, believing premiers had agreed technology was the country's best tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions without crippling the Canadian economy.

Stelmach said he's onside with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice, who've expressed their support for relying on technology, such as carbon capture and storage, to slash Canada's emissions.

"They had an agreement going in, and the only province that was offside was Quebec," he said. "I can tell you that one of the premiers that's pointing the finger against Alberta has a fleet of Audis and a jet to fly around the country," said Stelmach, who drives a fleet of Fords.

Thank you Premier, keep it up!


  1. I listen to Premier Ed Stelmach, and must say 'thank you Ed stelmach' you made our day. Now what has Charest has to say on this.

    BTW frmgrl, you mentioned that canada won the grand prize 'COLASSAL FOSSIL AWARD'.

    In other words just for fun, we won the 'GREY CUP'

  2. The Premier hasn't actually impressed me but "by doggy" yesterday was one of the few times that he has voiced what I feel.
    The only thing he needs to keep standing up like that and not give an inch. The east has shafted us once too often.

    The Colossal Award, time to celebrate!


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