Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The MSM Gets it Wrong Again on PM Harper

Remember last week when the MSM were all a buzz with the story that the Prime Minister had been rebuked by the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao? The opposition was all up in arms.

Well it looks like that may not have been the case. This from Xinsheng Zhong, executive director, Toronto Community & Culture Centre, a Chinese-Canadian.

Harper was not rebuked

"In my opinion and that of many other Chinese-Canadians, the Premier's comments hold a different meaning. It is important to know that in Chinese culture, when a friend visits another friend's home after a long period of time, it is quite common for the host to express publicly that he or she acknowledges that the friend has not visited for a long time and that he or she wishes for more frequent visits. The host's comments would not be taken or meant as a "rebuke" or soft attack, since this message actually conveys that the guest holds high importance and that the host desires to see the guest more often." h/t Jen

Will the MSM or the opposition take note of this, apologize and correct the record? I won't hold my breath.


  1. It was obvious to Canadians that the removal of barriers for
    pork, beef, and the decade long desired destination status
    meant the exact opposite of what the media was reporting.

    Since wafergate, imo, Canadians are immediately sceptical of the msm reporting on PMSH.

  2. Agreed. The narrative of the "rebuke" was overplayed by the media and the opposition jumped all over it.

    David Aiken and some others were critical of the "rebuke" from China.

    Kudos for our PM in reminding his host and the opposition Canada will have their own opinion.

  3. You ask: "Will the MSM or the opposition take note of this, apologize and correct the record?"
    The answer is NO.

    While this controversy was going on there wasn't one Chinese person that I could see who was asked by anyone about the 'rebuke' yet I heard the same thing said about the Chinese leaders comment at least a week ago in a Vancouver newspaper.

  4. This was my impression from the get-go... but the opposition always interprets in its own interests....

  5. frmgrl. Get today's National post; turn to page A13 -LETTERS. There you find another letter from another Chinese fella regarding to the story-'Harper was not rebuked'

    FRMGRL, the liberals and their devout media- not the chineses india korea etc but liberal national media like tom clark fife, mallick, taber oliver cbc ctv 'all rebuked the prime minister since he was in opposition'. Now it is their turn to be rebuked big time.

    I find enjoyment watching the OMNI NEWS on channel 11- check your TV or newspaper for hourly programming. No Tom clark no fife -just reporting and...
    you will enjoy it.

  6. Thanks, Jen. Will look into that.

  7. frmgrl,
    may I ask... are you a transgender former girl or is it farmer girl?
    I've always wondered but I suspect it's the latter.

  8. NeilD, I assure you I am 100% girl who grew up on a farm.

  9. New Nanos poll!

    64.3% Country going right direction up 10.7% from 2009

    68.9% approval for PMSH and the government

  10. Well, well, 68.% approval rating for our Prime Minister and government. Petty damn good I would say.
    Somebody tell the media because they don't seem to get it.

  11. wonder that the percentages would look like if he openly announced to the world his true opinion of climate change. imo, after the dust settled, it would go higher.



    God bless stephen harper, his party, our troops and canadians.

  13. My approval ratings for the NATIONAL liberal MEDIA, hmmmmmm- ZERO-000000000

    High marks goes to the OMNI news


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