Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PM says Ecomonic Recovery Priority over Environment

Harper Says Global Recovery Must Precede Environment (Update1)

"Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he will use Canada’s co-chairmanship of next year’s Group of 20 countries meeting to urge members to put economic recovery before efforts to protect the environment" h/t Wilson

From this, I believe our Prime Minister and his government have our best interests at heart and are not going to take us into something that would be very damaging to our country, jeopardizing our economy and standard of living.

Our country and others have gotten themselves into big deficits and are still reeling from the recession. Getting our fiscal houses in order makes sense and should take priority.

Way to go Mr. Prime Minister!

BTW, I see more Fossil Awards coming our way. Cheers!


  1. There have been and always be fiscal deficits.It's time for a P.M. to stand on his own two feet without the aid of the Americans and be counted. If this country can spend hundreds of millions on an American created war they can also multi-task a few billion on cleaning up pollution. Passing the buck year after year shows no responsibility to we Canadians and in the eyes of the world.Canada use to stand for good things but as of late were always riding the American coat tail. Our leader is an American Yes Man and nothing more.

  2. I have no problem with cleaning up pollution.

    Carbon dioxide is not pollution.

  3. for stephen, who seems so concerned about PMSH being a follower:

    ''...Environmental evangelicals are the most gullible constituency on the planet.
    They will be spouting industrial quantities of dogma at the Copenhagen treaty summit this December.
    Here’s a prediction: after it’s all over,
    the last man standing
    at the BS Corral may well turn out to be Stephen Harper – Conservative prime minister of Canada,
    normally a country susceptible to Green scare stories...


  4. it is our extreme good fortune, that we have a PM such as Stephen Harper, during these frightening times when lying loons from everywhere, ratchet up their rhetoric, to justify enormous boondoggles to satisfy UN/Gore/Suzuki fabrications, and to achieve nothing

  5. speaking of Fossil Awards....Libs got 89 of them from 1999-2005,
    now that's a story the media never tells, eh:

    now we know:


  6. There have always been deficits?
    What a crock, governments used to collect taxes at the end of the fiscal yr and that's what was used, there were no deficits, you just did not spend what you did not have, central banks create deficits by lending to unscrupulas governments, this was not always the case.
    As for throwing money at an imaginary threat of global warming, sorry but that's just insane, the whole scam is the product of a sick and twisted mind, Maurice Strong's sick and twisted mind to be exact and it's about CONTROL AND DEPOPULATION STEPHEN, not the enviroment or the climate, you've ben suckered pal.

  7. FRMGRL, thanks to wilson for letting us know about the liberals having 89 fossil awards. you have got to see Stephen Taylor's site.

  8. Jen, I was over to Stephen Taylor's. I'm so glad he has brought that to light.
    Liberals better not get to smug in criticizing the Conservatives. I just hope we get more fossil awards.
    Remember to keep the PM and his government in your prayers as they maneuver through this. As I mentioned on a previous post, they need the wisdom of Solomon right now.

  9. Ah, once again we see the conflation of "climate change" with "pollution control".

    Sorry,Stephen,but they're two entirely separate issues.

    The climate changes,has since forever. Carbon credits trading, the idea behind CC/AGW,will do nothing to promote pollution control,and will,in fact exacerbate the situation as the worst polluting Countries opt out of any agreement,and the rest purchase carbon indulgences from third world dictators,none of which will ever benefit the poor people of those Countries.

    btw, I thought it was okay to be an "American's lap dog" now that the progressives approve of the American President.


  10. Harper was not rebuked
    National Post
    Published: Wednesday, December 09, 2009

    Re: China Rebukes Harper For Not Visiting Sooner, David Akin, Dec. 3.

    I have seen much media coverage about Premier Wen Jiabao's exchange with Prime Minister Harper. I feel that there was some sort of misunderstanding between the two parties. As a Canadian of Chinese origin, I was surprised at the controversy that was sparked amongst Canadians by Premier Wen Jiabao's exchange with Prime Minister Harper during the latter's first visit to China. The controversy is based on the presumption that Premier Wen's words were meant to be an attack on the Prime Minister, for what some perceive as Canada's disengaged attitude toward China.

    In my opinion and that of many other Chinese-Canadians, the Premier's comments hold a different meaning. It is important to know that in Chinese culture, when a friend visits another friend's home after a long period of time, it is quite common for the host to express publicly that he or she acknowledges that the friend has not visited for a long time and that he or she wishes for more frequent visits. The host's comments would not be taken or meant as a "rebuke" or soft attack, since this message actually conveys that the guest holds high importance and that the host desires to see the guest more often.

    For many Chinese-Canadians, including me, it is disappointing that Canadians have not been able to identify the misinterpretation of the exchange. I am proud that Mr. Harper has taken this step to visit China and I do agree that it was a much awaited trip for many Chinese-Canadians, as well, I'm sure, as for the Chinese government. The Canadian-Chinese community does not resent the Prime Minister for taking so long to visit, and I'm confident that the Chinese government feels similarly.

    Xinsheng Zhong, executive director, Toronto Community & Culture Centre.



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