Thursday, January 14, 2010

Does the NATO Chief Think Canadian Troops Are War Criminals?

What does the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen have to say about the Canadian troops and/or the government being involved in war crimes as the Liberals and some in the Lame Stream Media have alleged?
This from the NATO chief himself when he was in Canada meeting with the Prime Minister on Wednesday. (h/t) National Post

Safeguards against Afghan torture in place, NATO chief says

OTTAWA -- NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says Canadians should not be concerned about treatment of Afghan detainees because rules and practices are in place to prevent and stop abuse.

In an interview Wednesday with Canwest News Service he was asked if Canadians should be concerned about a risk of torture of detainees transferred to Afghan authorities by Canadian Forces -- a topic that dominated the political debate before the government prorogued Parliament.

"Obviously it is a very important topic," he said. "But I don't think Canadians in general should be concerned about it because there are very clear rules regarding the handover of detainees."

He said the rules governing transfer of detainees from NATO forces to Afghan authorities provide for them to be handed over within 96 hours and to inform the Red Cross.

What ya got to say about that, Liberals and CBC, TorStar, G&M, CTV etc.?

It's pretty clear to me. Our troops and government are NOT involved in committing war crimes.


  1. The OPPOSITION PARTIES and their beloved media show no regards nor do their add their voice of outrage at the taliban for brutalizing murdering innocent women and children this you don't hear from them nor from the HUMAN RIGHTS international.
    What you do hear of course is their outrage at the handling of the taliban detainees.
    The Taliban are not fools like the OPPOSITION PARTIES they are fully aware that the OPPOSITION PARTIES care more for the them,taliban, than they(OP)care for the Afghans. The taliban also are aware that the media also speak for them(taliban).

  2. But, but, but...the Taliban TOLD Colvin they were being tortured, dontcha know.....NATO must be lying..

    sarc off

  3. "So I think all and all we have the right legal
    and practical framework for that"

    Now lets see the documents to see if the conservative government followed that framework that was in place, we know the soldiers in the field tried to.

  4. Yeah, but John McCallum says Canadian Troops are war criminals and the government are war criminals and Paul Martin and Bill Graham are war criminals and (HIC), (BURP) what was the question again?

  5. Oh my gawd....does kady (CBC) or Wherry (Macleans) know this!!
    Surely they will both have posts up IMMEDIATELY!!
    as if.

  6. 'Now lets see the documents to see if the conservative government followed that framework that was in place'

    this issue is not salvagable for the Liberals and their media....get over it, it's done Old Fellow

  7. The MSM and national press gallery all look the other and plot to manipulate the public against the Conservative government.

  8. Wilson, I'm sure Kady will be right on it. After all she's bound and determined to get to the truth you know,just like climate-gate right?
    You can always count on Kady.
    Wherry, there's always Wherry.

  9. Well since its a UN/NATO mandated mission ,ill be inclined to believe NATO than some politically inclined opportunist like Colvin,Lurch and the rest of the keystone cops on the left right now.LOL!


    P.S old fellow-its "narrow minded response"

  10. The opposition parties and the media aren't accusing the military of war crimes, they are accusing the government of covering up war crimes that the military,..uh.... didn't commit?
    So they are accusing the government of covering up crimes that they, the opposition and the media, insist they don't believe happened.

    I can understand John McCallum saying this, but there has to be someone in the opposition or media that is sober.


  11. Honestly, I think the opposition and the Lame Stream Media want to find anything to slam the government with just for the sake of slamming. You see I they hate PM Harper and desperately want him out.
    Faux scandals. Remember, body bags, H1N1, wafergate, etc,etc,etc.
    Proroguing, is really all about the senate.

  12. As long as we allow this type of media(CBC etc) to manipulate canadians daily without an opposing media to correct them(cbc&fam) there is no way out and that frmgrl, is exactly where the liberal media wants to keep us in a dark gloomy depressing world-sunlight hurts them.

    Do you really think that the afghans after decades of brutality lies manipulation by the taliban, still want to hear the 'voice of doom' everyday. Never happen, in fact, women have taken the reins in the media.
    Now why can't we do that. Take over the reins from CBC.


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