Sunday, January 17, 2010

Canada Takes On Leadership Role

Our PM and his government are not letting grass grow under their feet. One week from today, Monday January 25, in Montreal, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon will host an international meeting on rebuilding Haiti. (h/t) Globe and Mail
"Canada will host an emergency meeting in Montreal next Monday of countries that are leading the rescue effort in Haiti, as world leaders struggle to craft a longer-term plan for rebuilding the stricken nation.

Lawrence Cannon, Canada's Foreign Minister, hosted a teleconference yesterday afternoon that included U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and their counterparts from several Latin American countries, along with Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

As a key player in Friends of Haiti, an informal group of governments and organizations that has been working to improve the situation in Haiti since the early 1990s, Canada is playing a major role in co-ordinating the global response.'

That along with all the other relief efforts Canada is doing from just hours after the earthquake occured, is in my mind impressive. That's leadership.

Let's not forget the folk in Haiti and keep doing everything we can. Keep them in your hearts and prayers. There is still a lot of suffering going on and we must continue to help.

BTW - This summit on Monday Jan. 25 is the same day as the Liberals are ordered back to work on the Hill. Stay tuned it'll be an interesting day.


  1. This will be a bitter pill for some Libs.Some that is,not all.
    They are of the belief that only Liberals can be compassionate.They are wrong.

  2. But...But...But...those evil Conservatives are on holidays. Government can't function unless the House of Commons is sitting.
    Why...I saw it on FaceBook!!!

  3. "Anonymous said...

    This will be a bitter pill for some Libs.Some that is,not all.
    They are of the belief that only Liberals can be compassionate.They are wrong."

    Conservatives are compassionate as well. I'm not sure where, I think I heard not long ago that conservatives volunteer more and give more to charity. So that that would blow the theory that liberals are the only compassionate ones out of the water.

  4. The PPG are having a rally on the 25th too, on the Hill.
    Busy place, which event will the media cover?
    Will CTV give live coverage of heads of state in Montreal, or Iffy at Play House?

  5. o/t
    frmgrl, did you notice this:

    ''...The University of Manitoba Campus Conservatives organization has planned an entire week of Conservative speakers -- with five MPs, including two cabinet ministers, scheduled to give talks.
    All but Western Economic Diversification Minister Lynn Yelich are from Manitoba. Vic Toews, James Bezan, Rod Bruinooge and Joy Smith have all signed on for the events, which run all week at the Fort Garry campus....''

  6. Hot off the presses
    Tories Win In-and-Out Election Financing Case

  7. I think the international meeting about haiti should take precedence in the MSM. I am sure Susan Delacourt from the Toronto Star will only be reporting on her special Liberals.Good post!

  8. Wilson, great news! I knew all along the CPC would win the so called "in and out" case.
    I think that's great our MP's are reaching out not only to the Tim Horton's crowd but to the university crowd too. Maybe they can straighten out some misinformation that has gotten out lately.

    Fay, it will be interesting what actually get covered that day. I agree the Haiti summit SHOULD take precedence but with our media,who knows. We'll just have to wait and see.

  9. If Obama turns up, they will cover the conference.

  10. Good Point Canada Goose, the CBC loves Obama. At times they seem to forget to report Canadian news. CBC must spend a lot of money buying clips from CNN.

  11. Absolutely! If Obama shows up, that is where the media will be. But, it's likely going to be Hilary. So, that should be interesting -- what they cover well or only marginally. Canadians will notice!

  12. Hopefully that FOX NEWS will come here so we the conservatives can voice their opinion and be heard by FOX, whereas the DEM.HILARY will be well entertained and be asked simply questions by the canadian national media.

  13. But it's not fair for the meeting to be on the 25th. The goverment is "CLOSED"!!!! It's not fair I say. Hahaha


    Good old Ralf Goodale at his best.

  15. Mr. Goodale at his best.


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