Friday, January 29, 2010

Facts About the Progressives

Glenn Beck did a fantastic job today outlining what progressives really are and how they've rewritten history etc. Many parallels to our progressives.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


  1. Progressives are destroying the first world, the European heritage, all our culture and even our people. They will not let us build our own countries here in the Americas and let us develop as a parallel and advanced civilization on this earth. They demand control so they can plan our demise. (real conservative)

  2. "Progressives" are really regressives ... or retards. I have not tolerance for morons, and that includes "progressives"/lefties/commies. If they all got extinct tomorrow for some reason, I wouldn't shed a single tear. In fact, I'd rejoice and dance and sing ...

  3. Unfortunately and unknowingly when the voters went to vote they had no idea that they were voting for 'PROGRESSIVE' instead of DEMOCRAT.

    at 3:pm frmgrl, I tell my husband "sorry darling,but my boy(Glenn) is one."

    Tom clark nor any of the pundits or CBC CTV media for that matter, can hold a candle to the extensive 'work' findings by GLENN BECK. It is hard work and that frmgrl, is not their style.

    Here is something that I heard on Rutherford on Friday at 9:30

    9:30 When will Alberta have Senate elections?

    frmgrl, I want you to listen to that particular topic. It is very good.
    They Libs keep saying that the prime minister has gone against his word on the senate reform, well since the media are not going to say anything please listen and for that matter have it transcribed into words for those who never knew and still don't know.

  4. Jen, I did listen to that topic live yesterday when it was on. It was good. Yes I for one am looking forward to the next round of senate elections here in Alberta.
    I watch Beck everyday instead of the Tommy Clark or Evan Solomon. I found I didn't get the truth from them. You're right, Beck is heads and shoulders over the others on CTV and CBC etc. I find our pundits juvenile and unprofessional.

  5. No wonder the americans react quickly to OBAMA's arrogrance; they hear what Glenn says and it is not to say that GLENN is just talking for the sake of talking like they do here; this guy(GLENN) proves his points with videos, clippings, books and what have you.
    He is very passionate about his country and feels that that americans out there have no clue that things, have changed right before their faces without they ever knowing- so well done by the progressive throughout the years that you would think all is well and true when in fact it is not.

    If we had a Glenn Beck type and did what american Glenn is doing. All hell will break loose in Canada. This is where CBC CTV and others like them want no interference of any kind from the 'outside' world poking around their lack of work and for this very reason they are doing every thing in their power to ruin the PM. They are afraid. they want to keep us in a dark dark world.

  6. Couldn't have said it better,Jen. Our CBC and CTV are pathetic. They're lazy. I think I heard Roy Green say a few times that "our media are repeaters not reporters."


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