Friday, January 29, 2010

Mr. Iffy Is Wasting an Opportunity

Mr.Iffy is missing a valuable opportunity with the PM proroguing parliament.

While PM Harper and his government are busy working getting things done for Canada, what has Mr. Iffy been doing? He's been busy grandstanding and griping with his arrogance.

As is pointed out by Michael Bliss, historian and author, Mr. Iffy and his party should be working hard on policy and explaining to us the voters why he should be the next Prime Minister.

"Ideally, prorogation would also have been seen as providing a much-needed breathing space for the Liberal Official Opposition to develop policy ideas, improve organization, reintroduce the leader to Canadians and explain why he is qualified to be prime minister.

Instead, the dancers just kept on, encouraged by their media and academic acolytes, not noticing that the music had stopped and the audience had gone home. They were too manic to take a golden opportunity to rest, reconsider and recuperate. Prorogation appears to be wasted on those who need it most."

From James Murray Netnewsledger doubts whether Mr. Iffy will has enough grit especially during an election campaign. Mr. Dithers II anyone?

"Ignatieff's real problem is that he combines some of the worst traits of both Paul Martin and Stephane Dion.

From Martin, Ignatieff borrows the mantle of "Mr. Dithers". Think about it, can you name some solid policy that Ignatieff has offered Canadians? There is no granite in the Liberal leader's policy process. Every now and then, Ignatieff comes out with a policy proposal. Then it quietly vanishes"
"From Stephane Dion, Ignatieff maintains the mantle of university professor. Rather than offer ideas and policies in a manner that people can quickly understand, the Liberal leader offers explainations that often require footnotes.

During an election campaign, where the media focus will be forever on the 10 and 15 second soundbites, Ignatieff will end up looking like the new incarnation of "Mr. Dithers".


  1. comment from sda, thought was fitting:

    ''Al the fish, here in Kelowna the grassroots anti-proroguing rally gathered 100 people on last Saturday afternoon, a reasonably warm day about plus 5. Population of Kelowna is about 90,000 on this side of the lake.

    The Olympic torch ceremony was held Tuesday night at the City park downtown, 15,000 of the "grassroots" showed up for that ceremony, in the dark and cold.

    Canadians do have their priorities straight.

    Posted by: dmorris

  2. The media did spend alot of time and money on this last media driven event.

    Nothing else to do apparently, good news is not sexy.


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