Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Harper Hater Francis Russel Disappointed in Iffy

In her latest column Harper hater far left columnist, Francis Russell laments in her disappointment that Mr. Iffy and the Libs can't do any better.

Well, boo, hoo, hoo!
The problem with Ignatieff
"The problem is Ignatieff is not an easy sell to New Democrats and progressives. He's not only burdened with the business-Liberal image that felled John Turner and Paul Martin, he's also aristocratic and aloof. Ignatieff looks and sounds superior and condescending. And the odour lingers from his writings on torture."
Ekos Research's Paul Adams told CBC Radio's The Current Monday that the Liberals have "conspicuously failed" to capture public anger over the Conservatives' anti-democratic prorogation of Parliament and channel it into creative ideas and policies the party could then take back to Canadians. "Are they just waiting for the Conservatives to fall of their own weight, because if they are, they may be mistaken," Adams warned.

Two national columnists have weighed in on Ignatieff's woes. Sun Media's Michael Den Tandt wrote a wry article advising the Liberal leader to "stop talking about yourself" and, in almost every paragraph, to "get a plan."

At the Globe and Mail, Jeffrey Simpson believes the Liberals' "pervasive emotion" is "fear: fear of providing the Conservative attack machine with a target, fear of saying anything controversial lest voters be offended, fear of the polls, fear of negative media."

Fear, he continues, means "courage is banished, convictions are buried and politicians will talk and not say much."

Nor will they win."

Even with all the frenzy that the LibLuvin Harper Hater Lame Stream Media stirred up over perogygate and all the other gates, they still can't see their team winning anytime soon so they are unhappy with their leader. Can't let those evil Conservatives actually work to do some good things for Canadians and bring back pride in our country again, now can they? But oh, what to do?

Will Mr. Iffy be pushed out and Bob Rae be installed as the new saviour of the Libs? Will the coalition of losers rear it's ugly head once more? They need to do something to get rid of the evil PM Stephen Harper Conservative government and save the country after all. They need to be back in their rightful place again, at the public trough, stealing money from hard working taxpayers, being nice to criminals and terrorists etc.,right? Then all will be well with the world.


  1. The LPC is infested with Dippers,
    I'm betting LibDippers unite and form the New Democratic Party of Canada.

    American Mr Iffy brings American 2 party system to Canada......

    Poor Duceppe, how to keep the seppies alive in Quebec when they can vote for the Dems.

  2. You could be right, wilson. I think IF there is a merging between the Libs and the Dippers it will be Bob Rae doing it. After the next election when the CPC gets a majority.

  3. BTW If a merger occurs, they would take up the left progressive voters, that would leave the CPC to take the center and the right votes.

  4. Having watched Prime Minister Harper's reaction to the prorogation kerfuffle, I get the distinct impression that he has lost what little respect he had for the opposition parties and, in particular, the Liberals. He has the demeanor of someone who ignores some little, yappy, teacup-sized dog nipping at his heels.

    He has stated his case for prorogation and left it at that, he has taken the initiative in helping Haiti, and he is putting forth this country's position at Davos in a straight forward manner. He is basically ignoring the carping and sniping of the opposition as if they were Lilliputians.

    I suspect he has given up any attempts at placating the opposition because he knows it is a foredoomed exercise in futility. He seems to be well aware that they don't have the stomach for another election and, even if the unholy trinity were to come together and take his party down, that any unity between the three would soon dissolve into internecine bickering and back-biting.

    If an election were held, Mr. Harper appears to have analyzed the runes and realizes that there will be no majority government, either Conservative or Liberal. Now that he has stacked the senate in the Conservatives' favour it is a sure bet that even if the Liberals were to lead a minority government they would face the same obstructionist tactics as they are now conducting against the Conservatives.

    My prediction is that Mr. Harper will carry on by ignoring the opposition and the strident MSM and act as if he had a majority until such time as the opposition finds the intestinal fortitude to defeat his government. He may keep his job for some time yet and, when the time comes that his party is defeated, he will have left it in a position to thwart the socialist policies of the opposition.

  5. The problem is Ignatieff is not an easy sell to New Democrats and progressives.

    Now where did I hear the word 'progressives' liberals. Ah yes, from my new NATIONAL MEDIA FOX with Glenn Beck.
    He relates the history of progressiveness and how it has work itself into the DEMOCRAT PARTY.
    The same as it is happening right now.NDP SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE are in the LPOC.
    Francis Russell, should open her eyes more open and read what's before her.

  6. frmgrl, why not have videos of the complimentary praises by GATES AND CLINTON AND THE GERMAN(?) since the progressives socialists media can't do it. Why? It is of 'good' news and you know how it is with the usual suffocating national media they only give bad news-to keep you depress.
    So lets brighten our day.
    And another thing
    everything which the prime minister has accomplished or is doing-watch how the liberals immitate him for their agenda their policy.

    You see, the trick behind the media is to not say a word to the public about the prime minister's accomplishments or show them the praises he gets in the international scene. But to let the progressive coalition parties use the accomplishments as their own.
    example: the prime minister plans ABCDE the media doesn't show you this.
    The opposition plans those same ABCDE, the media shows them to the public.

    We have to be fully awake ready at all times to counter the media 'lies'

  7. "We have to be fully awake ready at all times to counter the media 'lies'"

    Jen, no kidding. It's like we need eyes in the back of heads to keep track of all the manipulation coming from the opposition and MSM.


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