Friday, January 1, 2010

An Interesting Take on Prorogation

I had never thought about this angle on the prorogation situation. It does make a lot of sense. Makes more sense than running away from detainee issue. So it looks like, maybe, the PM has thrown the ball back in Iffy's court. If this is the case, brilliant! (h/t) Bruce Anderson, Globe and Mail

r. Harper yesterday put the Liberals on notice that they must either accept that his government will act as though it has a majority, or be prepared to drop the government on the next budget. This only hours after Mr. Ignatieff felt obliged in year end interviews to stand down from his strategy of election mongering that had squandered so much of his credibility last year.

Either outcome would probably be satisfactory or better in the mind of the Prime Minister. An election sooner rather than later against Mr. Ignatieff, who is suffering in personal popularity assessments. If not, then the chance to lay down a comprehensive economic and deficit reduction plan that the Liberals would feel obliged to support, and presumably then a clear field on other policy agenda items.

In a different time, this move by the government would have meant that it was on the defensive today, absorbing heavy blows and losing votes.

Instead, its a warning shot to Mr. Ignatieff. He has weeks to articulate the alternative that he wants Canadians to consider, and to make a much more effective case as to why voters should want change. If he does not use these weeks to build strength, his 2010 may not be much better than his 2009."


  1. Other than the usual MSM posturing and hatred of PM Harper and his government, I quite enjoy the anguish and moaning from the media and opposition parties. Its rather refreshing to see the PM stick it to them without apology or explanation. HAPPY NEW YEAR, let the Olympic Games begin! Cheers.

  2. A bit of trivia ... Harper called the last election early in September, this one could come about early in March. So what, you ask ?

    Well, the $1.95 per vote subsidy for political parties is paid out in QUARTERLY installments, on Mar 31, June 30, Sept 30 and Dec 31. Hence, the Opps, in 2008, and possibly now, go into the campaign having to wait about 3 weeks for their next cash infusion from Elections Canada.

    Airlines want CASH up front, if you want to reserve a plane. Similarly, the media want CASH up front, if you want to book advertising. So, it's just one more way that Harper takes advantage of the Opps weak financial position.

  3. I have thought for some time that this might be the motivation behind the prorogation of parliament. It is less obvious than cutting governmental political party funding and it doesn't provide an excuse for another attempt at a coalition. When parliament reconvenes in March the economy will have improved, the Bloc and Liberals will be in no position to want to fight an election, and the detainee issue will have faded even further from the mind of the electorate. (It's already far down the list of Canadian's concerns.) Spring will be coming to many parts of the country and the voters will be looking forward to getting away from the AGW induced horrors of winter.

    I suspect the budget will be crafted in such a way as to require the Liberals to support it, and thus the Conservatives will have another opportunity to portray the opposition as weak and indecisive. Harper has, once again, slapped the opposition in the face and dared them to challenge him. I don't believe they have the nerve to pick up the gauntlet. With the senate rejigged, the Conservatives will enjoy another term of acting like they had a majority.

  4. I hope they think about women volunteers for the political parties and for the election and not call the election during March break or once again on a Jewish holiday. I know there are limited options, but it would be good to at least think about these things. Don't know when Easter falls this year...


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