Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I want to wish all a Happy New Year. I hope each one has a blessed and prosperous 2010.

What will 2010 bring? Will we see and elelction, who knows?
Will we once again see "scandal of the week?" I think the public is sick and tired of them. I am.

Conservatives will have a majority in the Senate, long overdue. The economy will continue to improve. PM Harper and his government will continue (despite the antics of the opposition and the MSM) to govern in the best interests of the Canadian people. He will be hosting the G8 and G20 summits next summer. He is always ten steps ahead of the opposition and the media. That's why we always see faux outrages, he out foxes every last one of them.

The Liberals will continue to have internal problems. They haven't gotten it yet. Dumping Iffy is not going to fix their troubles. Their problem is that they are still arrogant and have that sense of entitlement. Until they recognize that and do something about it, they aren't going to move forward in meaningful way that will attract voters their way. You see leadership is not really the problem. Iffy is not much of a leader but it wouldn't matter who they had right now. They could also apologize for stealing our money through adscam and start paying some restitution toward that. Might help.

I think Jack Layton will keep looking out for Jack Layton. He will do or say whatever he has to to keep his job. I don't think if there is another election and he doesn't improve the Dippers standings he will be around as leader. I see Thomas Mulcair possibly taking over as Dipper boss if that happens.

Gilles is Gilles. He'll see to it that the Blocheads get their pensions and demand more money for Quebec.

On the world scene there's lot's brewing. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel etc. Unfortunately, we'll probably keep hearing of more terror threats too.

In the US they still have the Obamacare bill on the burner, still spending the country into oblivion, and they have their Cap and Trade bill on the agenda too. I don't think that is going to anywhere.
Midterm elections are coming up in November. I think you'll see a surge in Republicans getting elected and a lot of Democrats losing their seats.

The UK has an election too, in late spring and the British Conservatives will win decisively.

Tiger Woods? That's his business.

Don't forget the Olympics. I hope Canada does well and wins a lot of medals. Go Canada go! I'm sure a good time will be had by all.

Put on your seatbelts, I'm sure 201o will be quite a ride.

Once again, Happy New Year, ya all!

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  1. Happy New Year to you too. Good analysis of what 2010 might look like.


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