Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Prorogation Truth

Here is more truth about the prorogation issue, this time from Dave Rutherford from The Dave Rutherford Show on QR77. He talks about the hypocrisy of the Liberals and the central media.
Here Go Jan,12 at 11:00 am.


  1. I am currently reading Churchill's my early life. He describes the 1892 election of Gladstone after which "the new Parliament, having met to change the Administration, was in accordance with the wise and happy practice of those days prorogued for a six months holiday"
    So proroguing is part of the Parliamentary tradition and taking a mere 17 day break is meaningless -except to the whiners in the opposition and the media.

  2. Dave, just what Canadian institutions does Harper respect? He has no use for the senate. His contempt for the G-G he demonstrated by refusing to show the most elementary courtesy in contacting her. As for parliament itself, he would probably shut it down for good, along with all the other sources of criticism, if he thought he could get away with it. So what/who does that leave? Surprise surprise. The office of the Prime Minister. By the way, anyone who thinks he prorogued parliament so that he could "recalibrate" (love that word) must also believe in the tooth fairy.

  3. Anony:

    Iggy said he would do it too. So all his blather is based not on prorogation but that Harper pulled the rug out from under his feet...again.

  4. Thr loony media are out of their wits over '17days' yet those same media rejoice that the liberals corrupt and who refuse to give back the millions of dollars.
    That's interesting.

  5. Jen I agree with you. The media in this country are pathetic. Fully in the corrupt Liberal tank. Sickening really.
    I keep saying that I believe the real reason they more hysterical than usual, is that they see their chances of getting appointed to the senate going up in smoke.

  6. Well anonymous, he now does have a use for the senate, now that he can stack it with his friends. Friends, like functionally illiterate hockey coaches; Something he said he would never do, I might add.
    I never want to hear about the Liberal Stacked senate again.

    As to his contempt for the G-G; well, she is just as much to blame, if not more; after all, she granted him the request; she could have said no.

    Harper has even admitted he doesn't like that pesky parliament. Once again proving he can't play nicely.

    Even those who have played on the same team as Harper over the years have said the man can't play well with others;

    "Stephen [Harper] had difficulty accepting that there might be a few other people (not many, perhaps, but a few) who were as smart as he was with respect to policy and strategy."
    - Former Reform Party founder and leader Preston Manning on Stephen Harper in his memoirs.

    "People skills? He was more fond of policy. Constituency work seemed like a grind for him."
    - Long-time Reform and Alliance MP Deborah Grey on Conservative leader Stephen Harper.

    Even Flanagan the mentor is not supporting this move.

  7. The recent conservative poll results do indeed reflect a credibility gap. I wonder if he'll stay on as opposition leader?


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