Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prorogation Truth

While the Liberals and the media have been spreading lies and stirring up so called outrage at the PM proroguing Parliament, there have been some working hard to get the truth out there.
Sandy from Just Politics and Hunter from Climbingoutofthedark have worked hard to put this video together that tells the truth. Watch and spread it around. Go to either site to watch. (h/t Sandy and Hunter)
Thanks to Hunter and Sandy for their time, diligence and hard work to bring the truth to light.


  1. There is also a lack of intellectual honesty in the op-ed piece currently found in a number of papers. It claims to be from 170 academics with "expertise in the principles of democracy" and "Canadian university professors dedicated to educating students about democratic institutions".

    This is curious when you take time to scan down through the list and find individuals whose expertise is in philosophy, administrative studies, anthropology, law, Greek and Roman Studies, the School of Business, History, a research physicist, sociology, philosophy of Gender and Sexuality, and public and international affairs.

    These are the experts in democracy?

    The op-ed piece is not bad in itself. I think any effort to protect democracy has a certain merit. However, my curiosity was struck when 170 Canadian experts fully agreed on a discretionary power. Does Canada even have 170 experts in this field?

    And is the matter so cut and dried? If democracy were only so simple. It is not. It is complex as is any assessment of the motivations and impacts of the prorogation of Parliament.

    Is a one month extension to the Christmas break such a detriment to democracy? Is the re-casting of Senate committees to reflect the respective party numbers a valid reason for prorogation? Is it so far outside past uses? On what basis is it a violation of the public trust? How does it compare with the violation of trust of opposition parties in their ultra-partisan attacks, mis-use of committees for partisan means, and using their Senate majority to block the will of the House of Commons?


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