Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Muzzling vs Code of Silence

Oh, for Conservatives it's muzzling, but for Liberals it's a code of silence.

From the always non bias, non partisan Jane Tabor, Globe and Mail,

Liberals impose code of silence on Ross Rebagliati

Peter Donolo and his new crew running Michael Ignatieff’s office have, according to The Globe this morning, made over the Liberal Leader’s office.

Mr. Donolo, the new chief of staff, has staff members addressing the leader now as “Mr. Ignatieff” rather than the more informal “Michael” as his old crew used to. Staffers in the Opposition Leader’s Office are also being asked to dress up a little bit more.

What the team neglected to tell our reporter is that it seems a code of silence has been imposed along with that dress code. Indeed, they suggested to one of their new B.C. candidates, former Olympian Ross Rebagliati, that he not to talk to the news media.

This from Jan 24, 2006

The best approach for Harper to take

Mr. Harper seems to know that. He took special care during the election campaign to muzzle the fringe elements of his party. He must be careful now to make sure they do not take the election win as an endorsement of their views. When he is making his cabinet, he would be wise to give leading spots to moderate MPs from the old Progressive Conservative Party. He would be even wiser to put off for now his notion of holding a new vote on same-sex marriage. Courts across the country have made it legal and Parliament has already voted once to do the same. Risking a clash with the courts over rights and restarting a divisive debate on social values is not something Mr. Harper should contemplate if he wants to be a unifying centrist prime minister.

(Emphasis highlighted in red by me)
Notice the hypocrisy?


  1. I live in the Okanagan valley. I can assure you that this kid is going no-place. Best damn Liberal candidate the Conservatives could wish for...and as well, he is funny as hell to listen to.

  2. Donollo is a 'control freak' and really, the LPOC are damaged as it is far less now to issue a code of silence or be muzzled.

    We already know about the LPOC, Donollo. They are corrupt and still owe canadians millions of dollars for tunately for you Donolo, the NATIONAL MEDIA are the ones who are MUZZLED and hold the CODE OF SILENCE to any account committed by the LPOC. Your secret is safe with the national media but not with the ordinary canadians. TRY AGAIN!

    frmgrl, have you noticed, the liberals do not give their media a proper answer only some mumbo jumbo answer out of which the media writes a full article out of nothing.And the best part is that you and I will hear both the question and answer but when you read it on paper it is totally different.

    YEP! the media is muzzled all right.

  3. Rule number one in the Liberal playbook: what is an evil, and underhanded action by other political parties is a carefully crafted implementation of the law when utilized by the Liberal Party.

  4. Ross is another candidate that is tarnished - No runoff for the position, but that's a plus because he is...er, inept.
    He will be the Cons best friend.
    Cons - 1 - Libs - 0.

  5. "Code of silence" when the Liberals do it and "muzzling" when the Conservatives do it.
    O K if I may tweak that just a smidge I do believe it is called "Omerta" when the Liberanos call for silence.
    Cheers Bubba

  6. Yo Ross I got a roller dipped and sprinkled fer ya if ya can still scoop the bowl like the old days. (real conservative)


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