Monday, January 11, 2010

The PM is No Dictator

Ya, like Monte Solberg says in his column today, you might not like the PM, that's ok. I don't think PM Harper is looking for how many people like him anyway. Monte goes on to say even if you hate him, he's no dictator and clarifies in my mind the real reason why the prorogation, the senate.

"Senate is important

So we have a disagreement about how important this is and the government is content to let Canadians decide in the next election. In the meantime, the government's priorities include fighting a recession, prosecuting a war and setting sensible environmental policies, and that makes the Senate important.

In order for the soon to be new Conservative majority in the Senate to have control of the committees, the rules say Parliament must prorogue so that the committees can be reconstituted.

Without prorogation, the Liberals would still have a majority of committee seats in the Senate even though they would have fewer seats overall. That would be a terribly anti-democratic situation on at least two levels and should be an outrage to the media if saving democracy was their real concern. That's a big if, however."

Monte then emphasizes that PM Harper is far from being a dictator.

"Remember that this is the PM who has given up power to Parliament on vetting Supreme Court nominees and going to war. He has tried mightily to elect the Senate. Calling him a dictator is so embarrassingly over the top that it says more about his critics than it does him."

And to all those who say that the PM has shut down parliament for 3 months, to 60 days, even all winter by some in the media Hunter has done a phenomenal job in breaking down the actual number of days the house is not sitting. I think her numbers are more to the truth. (h/t) Hunter


  1. frmgrl, check this out so that we can all broadcast it as well just in case the national media decides not to mention her visit.
    Sunday, January 10, 2010
    Welcome To Canada, Ms. Coulter

    Remember when alberta elected her first senator and that paul martin decided to appoint his own from alberta rather than accept the albertans choosen one. Remember that.
    Remember when the prime minister said that he will appoint senators chosen by the people of that province which he did, he appointed our chosen senator remember that time.
    Well this is the message the prime minister has been trying to tell provinces to do, elect your senator and when the time comes to appoint a senator of that province, he will elect or appoint their senator instead of he appointing them himself.
    Monte knows that. He also knows that the prime minister made this announcement to every province "choose and elect your senator and when the time comes and he will appoint their choosen senator".
    Instead, of following through on his word, the provinces chose to ignore his request-only alberta took his meaning long before he ever mentioned it.
    Remember also, just recently SASK has bought into their legistation a bill to elect their senator to the Parl senate. Well, guess what Pamela Wallin who is from Sask, was appointed by the prime minister she also agreed with the prime minister's request that she will step down to run in an senate election when SASK decides to run an senate election. Just like alberta did.

    Again, this will not be heard by the national media. To them, the least you know of what's going on the better it is for the media to manipulate you left right and center from knowing. The work of art by socialists

  2. PMSH doesn't like playing defence.
    Something must be brewing......

  3. The most dangerous thing about the liberals is they have figured out that the average voter is pretty dumb. They will spout exaggerations, lies, and half-truths, but in the most strident way, knowing that most voters haven't the intellect to comprehend the reality of any situation.
    If you don't believe this, try finding anyone with an IQ of 100 or less and explain parliamentary procedures to them.

  4. Most Canadians lack the experience of living under a dictatorial regime. Had they suffered through this, they would be more sensitive to the subterfuge and underhanded moves of PM Harper. There areat least four well-documented instances where he has failed to face up to his distractors and/or where he has sought to limit access to information for those critical of his action.

    As someone who has suffered in other countries extremes from right and left of the political spectrum, I urge Canadians, to be more cautious and to protect our uniquely just and equitable society.

  5. Thankyou Farm girl, great post.


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