Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ralphy, You Had Your Chance

My, my, my, now the opposition gripes and complains. When they were their asked for their input a year ago, no complaints then, why? Why now? What is it?

OTTAWA - Opposition parties complaining about Conservative "sabotage" of an independent rights agency were consulted on all the government's appointees last year but failed to raise objections, ministerial documents show.
Ralphy, baby, you accuse the Conservatives of sabotaging the independent rights agency but why didn't you say anything at the time when you were consulted?

Now, Liberal MP Ralph Goodale is accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of "sabotage" of the 20-year-old agency.
His objective here, obviously, is to destroy this organization from within, to cause such absolute turmoil that it will simply collapse," Goodale said in an interview
This is your excuse?

But what Liberals say is now self-evident was not so apparent to the party last year, when it failed to comment even as the government was packing the board with partisans.

Sorry, Ralph, it won't fly. Don't think a whole lot of people are gonna buy that one. No use bawling and squalling now. Too late, you had your chance! Go find something constructive to do so you can actually contribute something positive for the country for a change.


  1. Asking a Liberal to find something constructive to do is like asking a cat to hug a mouse. It just goes against their nature. Liberals in power, with a majority, can dream up a myriad of social welfare, overly costly, bureaucrat controlled schemes. Out of power they can only rant and rave. Recall Sheila Copps and the gang of four shrieking in the faces of government ministers.

  2. Powell lucas, I remember all to well, all that and more. Adscam, HRDC boondoggle, Paul Martin and his offshore registration for his shipping company,David Dingwall's I'm entitled to my entitlements, so on and so on and so on.

  3. The stituation is so grim within the LPOC that even NDP is direction the traffic to their(ndp's) way of thinking. Even the cbc ctv etc have become the ndp bed fellows since ndp bloc and liberals have join together in Coalition.

    Can't wait for 3PM to hear my boy, GLENN B.

  4. Heard ya, Jen. Glenn is a must watch in this house too.

  5. Next Iffy legislation ??
    restrict the powers of the PM to appoint board members....and Senators and prorogue Parliament....!!!

    It is hilarious to watch the Iffy Libs b*tch about everything that the 'Reform Party' wanted to change (though I don't remember about the prorogation thing).

    Could it be that we are actually going to see Senate reform and a democratic process for appointing boards?

    Oh PMSH, you sly fox.

  6. It is notThe PM fault that he appoints senators of his choosing particularly when he asked provinces to elect their own senators so that he can appoint them to the senate.
    Only Albertans' ELECTED senator, Burt Brown, was appointed by the PM. Right guys?

  7. Kevin Libin:

    Wheat Board silence is golden

    Posted: February 02, 2010, 2:44 AM by Daniel Kaszor

    National Post

    Read the whole thing frmgrl

  8. Thanks Jen, I certainly will read that. That topic I find interesting. I grew up on a farm so I'm quite familiar with the CWB.


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