Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Relax, PM Harper Has Cimate Change Fiasco Under Control

I know there have been conservative supporters out there that has had knots in their knickers, afraid PM Harper and Minister Prentice is going to get us into the man made global warming fraud scheme, killing our economy. I have to admit at first I was a little nervous myself. I have never once believed that we are killing the planet.

I got to thinking, PM Harper has done as little as possible to appease the loony Marxist global warming alarmists. He never implemented Pablo's Kyoto bill, has declared very limited emissions targets, and he and Jim Prentice has stated time after time we are going to follow what the USA is doing primarily because we are so closely tied. Basically we have to. If we don't, they could impose tariffs on us particularly on our oil and gas industry as the Americans see it as dirty. Looks like it will be awhile, if at all that the Americans will ever have a bill in place. In the mean time the IPCC fraud is imploding.

I don't think we will have to much worry about. Peter Foster from the NP doesn't either.

"But if President Obama really wants to imitate such craziness, does that make the Harper government even wackier for committing to follow in U.S. policy footsteps, a plan outlined again yesterday by Environment Minister Jim Prentice?

No. The Conservatives have committed to do whatever the U.S. does when it comes to cutting carbon dioxide emissions, but their main priority is to avoid destructive trade sanctions. They are also aware that President Obama has a major fight on his hands in pursuing what increasingly appears to be an expensive and pointless policy. Copenhagen was a flop. Climategate still hovers. The IPCC is increasingly becoming a laughing stock, and the science of man-made climate change is disintegrating. While political inertia continues to edge policy towards the economic precipice, the Harper government is hoping it will grind to a halt before taking Western nations over."

The Harper government has so far done a good job of negotiating its way round this all too “religious” issue.


  1. The Liberals or the Troika (coalition of the losers) would have certainly implemented an economy killer scheme

    .And where the millions, after they sucked from you will, go into their 'COALITION/NATIONAL MEDIA BANK ACCOUNT.

  2. I agree...and not because I'm a Harper-bot.

    If Iggy et al manage somehow to get their way on AGW, they will sell Canada down the river in a heartbeat.

    Now, more than ever, Harper needs a majority!

    Or we're almost certainly going to see another coup attempt, made entirely doable by the Libs' and Dippers' anti-prorogation intentions. Believe it!

  3. I agree with you Springer. We do need a majority, that's crucial if we want to put this whole hysteria to bed and the coalition for that matter.
    Yes, the Troika I believe is going to raise it's ugly head. We need to be ready if we want to slay this monster that will surely destroy this country.

  4. I can't believe the money this climate fraud has already cost. The incredible amount Ontarians are going to pay for solar power and even wind power as compared to the electricity they could have bought from Quebec.

  5. So why is Prentice running around attacking the oil fields and spouting off about a 17% cut in "green houses gases" when the war is basicly won?
    This government sucks up to the socialists just as much as the Liberals did and now they adopt the "Alberta oil bad" posturing for eastern votes who will want more socialism, when the oil fields have one of the best real enviromental records in the country?
    The more I watch what they do rather than what they say the more I'm convinced the only option is a quick seperation or more slow socializing of the country.
    There comes a time when you have to stand for what is right and true and these clowns refuse over and over. cowards the lot of them, might as well be the PC party and Joe Who.
    Rona had more balls than the rest of them put together!

  6. "Anonymous said...

    So why is Prentice running around attacking the oil fields and spouting off about a 17% cut in "green houses gases" when the war is basicly won?"

    Because Anony, there are still too many people out there that believe that crap via the MSM I'm afraid. You have to educate. If Prentice and Harper would start doing that first of all they wouldn't be heard over the screeching of the usual suspects and the MSM. Instead the media would skewer them because the virtually all the MSM still buy the lie.
    Unfortunately there are still enough sheeple out there that believe what the MSM is telling to believe. They will only educate the people about what they want to educate about.
    The media are derelict INHMO in hiding the whole climategate story.

  7. "Unfortunately there are still enough sheeple out there that believe what the MSM is telling to believe."

    and Anony's that take everything out of context, spews inaccuracies or quote angry blog talking points and refuse to look at a the WHOLE picture. As it sits right now, this is not the end of the world. Add some other crap, yes we will be revolting but this is peanuts as it sits now.

  8. I would like to be as supportive as other posters here but promising to extort money from Canadians if the American administration does the same to Americans is not my idea of reasonable Climategate policy.


  9. Prentice certainly appears to be a #1 jackass , or he has no brains and no sense integrity to be fielding all the dumb comments about how we MUST solve the golbal warming myth !

    It may be that he has been given the instructions by Harper , but if he wishes to look like a jerk then I guess he deserves it.

    Harper & compaany have been cowering in fear of the HRC issue and global warming , and is acting no differently than Chretien ... so how is Harper any different?

    I may yet vote for the CPC but I have stopped contributing.

  10. At some point this game of chicken will go beyond the point of no return.

    Like any other motherhood government initiative it will be impossible to repeal once it is inititated.

    The last 2 months have given the Harper Government ample opportunity to step back.

    Instead they just doubled down. They are essentially bidding against themselves right now. There was no need to raise the stakes like Prentice did.

    I see no exit strategy being established by the Conservatives on this file, and if you can't at least begin to do that while the IPCC and AGW are going up in flames, when will you?

  11. Ward ...

    You are so correct. Harper and Prentice had a golden opportunity to step back given the ClimateGate(s) ... 8 or 9 at the last count and climbing.

    The committed left and "greenies" will never vote for the CPC , yet there is Harper and Prentice bending over backwards for them , while alienating those who actually would vote for the CPC ... what a winning strategy.

    Harper is always mentioned as a strategist , but anyone who has played chess knows that to win you cannot continually play defensively.

  12. Did believe Harper and Prentice acting too slowly,now not too sure.The collapse has been astounding,this kind of speed leaves politico's stranded.Just look at CBC.Those idiots are stranded and exposed by their own actions.Give them enough rope, has never been so true.By not acting Harper may luck into the total collapse of credibility of our "loyal opposition", who have raced each other to betray the interests of canadians.This could be entertaining ,if you believe man produced CO2 causes unusual global warming,your options are shrinking.1) You can be a patriot..PROVE IT.Produce quality science, something IPCC has not done.2)You can be a fool,no proof just emotion.3)Or you care not for scientific proof,just your agenda..you are a traitor.Acting to damage your country,to acomplish what?For the benefit of whom?I read the CRU tape letters,I remain enraged,our govt agencies have failed and may be complicit in this shambles of activism and ineptitude that is still being exposed on an almost daily basis.If it had not already cost us $billions I might be more amused,however,if criminal investigations into misuse of tax dollars do not start this year,the conservatives are toast in my eyes.Covering this up to save face is pointless and impossible.CBC and Environment Canada must be investigated,stupidity or deliberate agenda,the propoganda of both has been appalling for years.Why am I forced to fund either of these black holes for tax dollars?


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