Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did The PM Set Mr. Iffy Up?

In my going through my daily blog reading, I came across an interesting perspective from a fellow blogger about Mr. Iffy bringing up the abortion issue as a priority for PM Harper's initiative to help the survival rate among women and children in the third world. I thought it was rather interesting viewpoint.

"When Harper proposed the initiative, the political and cynical side of me was thinking, Harper is setting Iggy up to ensure Iggy doesn’t attract back the Catholic vote“. And sure enough, Iggy took the bait. And now he has earned the rebuke of the Archbishop of Toronto. Whatever the Liberal Party establishment may think of the Catholic Church, it’s not good politics to upset the constituency you are trying to win back to secure electoral victory."(h/t SoCon or Bust)


  1. Isn't it possible that the Prime Minister actually cares about women and children as the basis for the proposed initiative? I don't think he started off with "what can I do to make Ignatieff say something ridiculous?"

    Iggy definately over-swung with funding foreign abortions. They have been back pedalling ever since they issued the statement.

  2. Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary also wrote a rebuke in the National Post, calling Iggy's proposals "pathetic". It would be nice to see more Bishops, and other third parties piling on to Iggy.

    But I think the best outcome for us is if we can somehow put Iggy on the defensive against a narrative along the lines of:

    "The Liberals are trying to impose a eugenics programm on to developing countires".

    This would obviously be extremely incendiary. However, that narrative absolutely MUST be started by the msm, instead of anybody in the CPC.

    Calgary Junkie

  3. I agree with you Iceman, I too don't think the PM deliberately set to trap Iffy and I do believe the PM does care about women and children like you said.

    I just put it out there because I thought this blogger had an take on the whole situation that I hadn't come across before. I do believe however, Iffy has put himself in a tough spot seeing that he does have some in his caucus that do not approve of abortion and a slight majority of the public doesn't agree with either. So if he thinks he's going gain votes from it, I highly doubt it.
    Jack Layton has on the other hand taken a stand much like the PM on this. Iffy is way out of touch once again.

  4. I think Harper's long term strategy is simply to take what they want from Liberal bread and butter issues and position themselves a moderate alternative. The Liberals used to do this all the time, forcing their opponents to either extremes.

    No one wins promoting abortion. The vast majority of Canadians are not comfortable with Ignatieff's "abortion as contraception" idea and never were. The Liberals know this. Sure, they were successful in the past playing this card, but the demographic they were chasing didn't vote for abortion per se; they voted against upsetting the cart. That's an entirely different thing.

    I notice the NDP has so far refused to jump on this wagon so if the Liberals want to host round tables discussing how many abortionists we need to send to Haiti, the floor is all theirs.

  5. I'm with Iceman on this. It's time more countries talked about women and children.

  6. I would think that his own LIBERALS set him up before the PM on this file..
    I can certainly get my head around that notion, Rae is the true first choice of the Chretien elite and he IS still most certainly pulling the leadership strings, imo.

    The PM does care about this issue and the fact that the Liberals walked into this ill informed quagmire is nothing new. The have their own Catholic Liberals that walk the line of religious hypocrisy, daily.

  7. Iffy doesn't need to be set up by anyone. He is completely capable of stepping in every cow patty in the pasture without anyone telling him where they are.

  8. Yes, I am cynical and think the PM and his team think what the nerds over at the Liberal bunker will do.

    Why did the PM wait a full month to add days back and cancel the holiday for the MP's?

    To make his point the delay was overhyped?

    Why did they not immediately disclose the single supplier of H1N1 "serum" was a big donor for the Liberals until all three parties made a big stink? Why did they wait two weeks before beating them over the head with it?

    The Torch Relay, C logo etc. I suspect the CPC give enough rope for the opposition to make fool of themselves or worse.

    Did the PM flush out the "energy" in January from the opposition?

    What is left do do for the month of February?

    It looks like they forgot to pace themselves accordingly.

    Parliament is sitting in March, how much more "outrage" will the tabloid media, the pajama internet forces marshall?


    So much for keeping your powder dry.


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